Have you watched #FLOTUS and Her Workout? It’s the bomb!!


Okay, I’ve always loved my POTUS and FLOTUS.  I’m so proud of them and so proud to be led by them, but her new workouts are really exciting.  Never has a FLOTUS been so proactive about getting people in shape in the country – which we need.  Check out the video and don’t forget to follow President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama on Twitter.  Let’s flood them with positive messaging to fight the negative messages out there.  The good always outshines the bad.


Also, check out The New York Times and their article released on yesterday about FLOTUS and her Let’s Move campaign. http://www.nytimes.com/politics/first-draft/2015/05/20/michelle-obamas-vigorous-exercise-routine-is-not-a-stretch/




B.B. King Has Passed. A Sad Day

You know, I always thought my grandfather looked so much like BB King. And when I was growing up, I was addicted to The Thrill is Gone. I would listen to that song all the time. And my grandparents didn’t stop me. Granddaddy never really mined me listening to old songs, it was just the BET “beep bop” that seemed to drive him mad. I was, after all, five decades younger than my grandparents. Fifty years behind them. But we did agree on one thing. B.B. King was the King of Blues. And even though granddaddy was a preacher, didn’t curse or drink. He did like a little blues. And so did I.

What shocked me even more was that my grandfather, the awesome man that he is, knew B.B. King. He had met Anna Mae (Tina Turner) and knew B.B. King! Well, they were not best buddies, but the fact that he knew him…that they knew each other, blew my mind. Granddaddy became even more of a rock star in my eyes, which was hard, because he was one miracle from walking on water in my eyes.

Today, we have lost a legend. In his life, he witnessed so much. Segregation. Desegregation. The assassination of Dr. King, Malcom X, and President Kennedy, but he also was alive to witness the first African-American (Multicultural) President of the United States.

He died today at 89 in Las Vegas. Riley B. King lived a long life. The Mississippi native’s reign as “king of the blues” lasted more than six decades and straddled two centuries, influencing a generation of rock and blues musicians, from Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan, to Sheryl Crow and John Mayer.
B.B. King, though unknowingly appeared in Highness, my last book. Well, his songs received a cameo.

The CD player switched songs and another B.B. King ballad played. The Ghetto Woman turned on, making the already dismal scene more depressing.
Hearing the words and playing of Lucille in Hope’s ears made her stomach knot up into little balls, and the tears that she tried hard to stop poured out from her diaphragm.


I guess that you could say that even after growing up, my love for B.B. King still finds its way back into my life.

Mississippi lost a son, Memphis lost a icon, the world lost a legend.
So here is to B.B. King today. Let’s raise our coffee mugs and send him off with a prayer for his daughter and family and recognition that he lived.


Latrivia S. Nelson


Interracial Romance for the Woman of Discriminating Tastes (bw/wm)

I was quoted the other day as saying that my books were for women of discriminating tastes. And I really feel as though that statement is accurate. The reason that I feel that this statement is accurate is because every once in a while I take a look at the profiles of the women on social media who support my work (ok, I stalk them). And I can really say is wow. They are amazing women doing amazing things all over the entire world, and they love my work. So it must be edifying in some way. And to be edifying to women who are basically conquers in their own right is like the self-esteem of a cook who feeds chef Ramsey (not to mention that life is very much like Hell’s Kitchen).

These women are mothers, grandmothers, single feisty women, doctors, lawyers, business owners, nurses and administrative giants, scientists, activists…I could go on. The point is that I realize that there is a big difference between knowing your market (which in bw/wm books is basically spelled out for you) and knowing your market, which is me trolling the social media sites to read posts and celebrate birthdays, new cars and even new relationships with my readers. So, I’m proud to say it again. I am an author of interracial romance for women of discriminating tastes

These women are educated, driven, successful warriors in their own right and they still like a little romance in their lives. I’m happy to provide the entertainment.


Let’s run the world.
Latrivia S. Nelson



Have you been to Latrivia Nelson’s website? www.latrivianelson.info

Latrivia Nelson IR

Honored to be recognized for Dmitry’s Closet by GoodReads as one of the best Romance Suspense books of all time


Dmitrys Closet

I love every book that I write, specifically, because I write them for my readers.  I want to give my fans something to think on, whether good or bad.


Dmitry’s Closet was my first book under RiverHouse Publishing, the company that I own.  I was so nervous when I posted the book on Amazon in  2010 until I literally had a panic attack.  It wasn’t that I thought the book was good; it was me hoping that the book was good enough for my readers.


This morning, I received over 100 texts and emails telling me that Goodreads had selected my first work (1 out of 19 from RiverHouse) to be selected for their 100 Romantic Reads.  When I read the copy, it literally brought tears to my eyes. I was happy, and for me that is a really monumental word.  Happy.  I was actually happy!


I want to take the time to thank all of those fans who encouraged me, despite my lack of resources, to follow my dreams and who also supported me by purchasing and reading my work.  I want to thank all of those fans who loved the book but had critical critiques that I then used to help make the book better, and I want to thank all of those fans who after reading the book and know my handicaps, still gave me a 4.0 in stars or above.


When people take the time out of their lives to compliment you, don’t take it for granted.  This is coming from experience – not a high horse.  Relish in the compliments.  Learn from the critiques and grow to be a better person and a better author.


I look back at my first work, at the pain I put Laura Sitterson through by making her read it in its infancy stages, and it brings tears to my eyes, because we ushered in a new sub-genre.
Thank you for this recognition, Goodreads.  Thank you to all my fans and to all the writers who followed up with amazing stories of their own.




Latrivia S. Nelson

Interracial Romance Author




The Lunch Debacle: Lesson Number 222015


Some might say that I’m in full engagement mode.  When I’m not writing a book, tending to a business, tending to my career or most importantly being a mom, I’m focused on December 19th, the day that I will say I do to my fiancé.  In preparation for the big day, I’ve set aside some goals that need to be accomplished.

  1. Lose 20 pounds
  2. Plan the ultimate honeymoon
  3. Have an unforgettable engagement that ends with an unforgettable wedding

Part of item number one includes a new diet.  This diet (my enemy) requires me to bring my lunch to work.  Well, I don’t know about you, but it’s good in theory, but even when you get that pretty little lunch box to work, it’s still hard not to use that one hour of alone time to get take out.

This is a new lesson that I have to learn.  Discipline.  You can learn a lot about yourself when you have a choice between carrots and Lean Cuisine or a fully-loaded sandwich with secret sauce!!!

Excerpt from Highness

In Michael’s very privileged life, he had had the opportunity to visit every continent in the world, travel every ocean; he had sat with royalty from over fifty countries and dined at their personal tables; he had stood on battle fields and observed destruction and victory; he had drunk champaign 8,850 meters above sea level atop Mount Everest; he had played volley ball with a sheik on sun bleached sand with sun bleached beauties and charted a $4.8 billion yacht with a Malaysian general, but never once had he had the pleasure of visiting a Super Wal-Mart.

This dynamic retailer was packed with everything from sugar cookies and radio tires to double-barrel shotguns – all in one very convenient location, all reasonable priced, all on sale twenty-four hours a day and all under devil-awful florescent lights.  This place was so liked by Americans until it only closed on Christmas Day.

And he could see why.

He loved this place too.

The only thing he didn’t love was having to wait in line like the rest of the working-class stiffs.  One almost needed to buy a book to bide the time away.  How could you have ten lines and only two workers?  The idea perplexed him.

As he passed by the many families scurrying about the large store in deep conversation or maneuvering with their cell phones stuck to their faces and hands, he found himself completely entertained by the varying wardrobes, the deep southern drawls and overall informality of the place.

To his amazement, he was knee deep in common life.  He saw sagging pants, too tight skirts, shorts that were more like briefs, women wearing way too much makeup, old women with bad wigs, and kids with offensively snotty noses.  So not only could one get everything that was on their shopping list, they could also get a communicable disease.


Fixed Fight for Rourke in Russia


I saw this on MSN news and thought it was interesting and might make for a good part of an upcoming story….

In a startling and completely unexpected confession, Elliot Seymour, the 1-9 pro boxer who fought actor Mickey Rourke in Russia last month, has admitted that their bout was fixed.

When 62-year-old actor and former amateur boxer Mickey Rourke obliterated Elliot Seymour in their exhibition match in Russia, boxing aficionados were immediately quick to point out that Rourke could potentially be the superstar at heavyweight who could immediately threaten Wladimir Klitschko and “curbstomp” Deontay Wilder with one hand tied behind his back. To refresh your memory, here were the two bone-chilling knockdowns that forced the 2nd round stoppage.

Sadly, this feel-good story has taken a turn for the worse. Seymour, who is unbeaten in 1 of his 10 career pro fights, spoke with TMZ Sports and made the disappointing confession that this fight wasn’t actually legitimate after all.

Elliot Seymour tells TMZ Sports the deal was he would go down from a body shot in the 2nd round … and he would get $15,000 — $10k up front and the rest when he got back to the U.S.



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Bestselling Novelist Hopes to Expand from Books to Screen

         (November 16, 2014 – Los Angeles)  Bestselling Interracial Romance Author Latrivia Nelson recently signed a one-year contract with esteemed talent agent, Tracy Christian, Partner at TCA JEDROOT, based out of Los Angeles, California.  The indie author, based out of Memphis, TN, has written 20 novels, including 8 bestsellers from the popular Medlov Crime Family Series, Lonely Heart Series and Agosto Series.

“I’m truly excited about the possibilities, which could be endless,” said Nelson.  “When I received the call from Ms. Christian, I was both honored and impressed with her presentation of TCA JED ROOT and the synergy that we could create. Their track record in this industry is phenomenal and Tracy truly is an inspiration.  I was happy to sign the contract, and I’m looking forward to working with her team to take my books from print to the small or big screen.”

Nelson was the first in the sub-genre of interracial romance to write about organized crime syndicates as a central focus of her storylines.  Centered on the Russian mafia, she created a series of books that have been sold worldwide in over 124 countries and has a base of over 50,000 fans.  Since her books launched in 2010, the genre has exploded with interracial romantic suspense novels about Russian, Italian and other fictitious international bad boys, but she has maintained her position as not only a pioneer but a genre leader.

“When I started my company over two and half years ago, I knew the thing that would set us apart in the industry is because we only represent clients that we are passionate about and have a plan for,” said Tracy Christian.   “Latrivia Nelson definitely falls into that category.  We are looking forward to helping shape her career in the industry.”

TCA Jed Root specializes in actors and producers of television series such as the Love and Hip Hop franchise (Vh1) and Kandi Factory (Bravo) The company’s clients include personalities on The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo), What Not to Wear (TLC), and actors such as Tommy Flanagan, Busta Rhymes, Jamie Hector, Paz de la Huerta, and many more.

For more information on Latrivia Nelson visit her website at www.latrivianelson.info or contact Tracy Christian at Tracy@TCAJedRoot.com.

 The Carter Malone Group is the public relations agency of record for Latrivia Nelson and RiverHouse Publishing, LLC.


New Interracial Romance (bw/wm). Please enjoy and share

You know I love the videos that my team pulls together.  They are creative, fun and they showcase some amazing couples.  Well, here is a new one that I hope that you’ll share with all of your peeps and on all your social media sites.


Next Book From Latrivia: Highness


Prince Michael has always been England’s bad boy. Handsome, confident and completely untraditional, many of his antics garnered front-page news and international headlines over the years.  However, once he gets engaged to a woman of note, he finally become a man that his mother, The Queen of England, can be proud of.  Too bad, the world wind romance is short lived.

Catastrophe: After calling off the wedding to Thalia, his brother Richard convinces him to get out of the public eye and covertly go to the United States for a while where he hopes that Michael will gain a little more respect for his title and position by living as a commoner, and so the media won’t keep catching him in other women’s beds.  To make the situation a little more discrete, they pick the small town of Hernando, Mississippi for their experiment.  Normally, Michael would have considered the entire proposal laughable, but the constant fallout from the breakup make what started out as a preposterous suggestion a pliable solution.

Hope Daniels is on top of the world. Working on a collection of art to display in a few months after signing a major deal, she feverishly is working toward her deadline, when suddenly disaster strikes.  After being in a head-on collision with a drunk driver, she is left temporarily blind and completely alone. With no one to help take care of her, her agent pushes her to hire someone to help her around the house until her sight comes back.  After the most ridiculous interview ever, she finally agrees to hire handyman, Beau Michaels, not knowing that her help is actually the royal variety.

Blessing:  Michael’s never been understood, mostly because his beauty and title have always gotten in the way of any sincere connection with a woman, but with Hope blind to his looks and unaware of his true status, he is forced to be himself for the first time ever.

With his majesty waiting on Hope hand and foot, and Hope feeding Michael’s soul with more than pomp and circumstance, their connection becomes electric.

Only what happens when she can see again and he finally sees what he wants in life?

Read the fifth book in The Lonely Heart Series by National Bestselling Author Latrivia S. Nelson, Highness. Coming Soon.


The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 7 is here

V7 Cover

Only the dead have seen the end of war… Plato

Just a few months after the death of Dmitry Medlov’s girlfriend, Elsa, he is back in London, trying to salvage what he can of Hutton Enterprises. As a young, inexperienced businessman, his only options lead him to accept failure in order to avoid complete defeat.

However, true to Dmitry’s complex life as a Russian mob boss and a billionaire business mogul, he is forced to deal with not only the hard truths of bad business acumen but also bad blood in his family

In the wake of the big announcement for Hutton Industries, an old but beautiful acquaintance resurfaces, reminding him of how he arrived at his financial success. For Dmitry, it could be a fresh start with a woman whom he messed over for more ambitious endeavors. For Ivan, however, it’s an opportunity to get from under his brother’s thumb and begin to fix a growing problem with the Irish drug dealers that he’s had working secretly for him for years.

The two brothers struggle to gain more independence in their lives but their decisions set them on a violent clash with unchangeable collateral damage. Read the short story that finally turns the famed Dmitry Medlov and Ivan Medlov from warring brothers to blood enemies in only one day.

Prologue for The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 7

Oxford University
Oxfordshire, England

On a classic British autumn Wednesday of metallic gray skies, clean, brisk winds and multi-colored Sycamore trees, an afternoon lecture was taking place on the campus of Oxford University that was causing the masses to converge upon one of its most sacred buildings in record-breaking numbers.
The Sheldonian Theatre, situated in the city’s center, has long been a ceremonial gem. The eight-sided, historic fixture adorned with detailed tapestry, awe-striking brick masonry and overall old world opulence, was perfectly fitting for hosting the world’s most, powerful and wealthy crime lord.
Dmitry Medlov remembered visiting the campus many years back as a young man, when he attended his former lover Elsa’s graduation. Even then, after seeing so much in the world, he had been in complete won-der of the stately institution’s beauty. He still remembered feeling small and insignificant on campus and in comparison to the great thinkers who had matriculated here.
However, never in a million years, did he think that he would be a guest lecturer for its most prominent criminal justice academic community.
The appeal had come via FedEx and de-livered to the front door of his palatial mansion in Prague. Royal had delivered it with urgency, thinking that it had something to do with their son.

When he had first received the invitation from Oxford, he had understandably dis-missed it. There was no way that he was going to allow himself to be put on display for greenhorns and their ridiculous journals.
However, his son Maxim – one of those reluctant greenhorns – had begged him profusely to change his mind, arguing that, “Everyone already knows who you are and what you do. Now the University would like to understand why. Do this for me, please, Papa?”
His boy. His very own greenhorn.
The rest was history.
Unable to deny his son’s request, he accepted the invitation against his other children’s wishes. It was probably their urging not to do it that made him want to speak. He might have retired but he was by no means….soft.
After all, it wasn’t him who was in charge of the Medlov Crime Family any-more, and it wasn’t as if he was going to give any real specifics about any illegal activities that had taken place over the years.
In essence, he would just speak on the perception the world had of him throughout the decades, and how wrong they all were.
Now in front of a lecture hall full of over 1,000 hungry college students, professors, reporters, and curious fans with eyes glued to him and ears opened wide ready to receive his every word, Dmitry stood behind the podium in his signature, tailored black three-piece suit in complete silence.
The entire lecture hall was ominously still, waiting on bated breath for an answer to the question just posed by the student standing at that microphone.


A woman, whose resemblance to Elsa was uncanny, stood up during the Q&A and posed very specific questions to him. “Why did you feel the need to acquire so much wealth in your life? And do you feel that that greed has affected your ability to really be human?”
Dmitry raised a brow at the question. He could tell that despite the department’s previous assurances, this was not going to be a soft ball interrogation. With careful thought, he mulled through endless experi-ences to arrive at an answer appropriate for her delicate mind.
She deserved an answer and in some way, it was karma-like that he’d be addressed by a woman who reminded him so much of a past that started right here on the campus where Elsa had experienced some of her most exciting and turbulent times.
The gray on the sides of his golden blonde hair was accented even more by the gold rimmed glasses angled downward on his perfect nose. He rubbed his brow and looked down at his hand-scribbled notes under the desk light. Clearing his throat, he balled up the papers.
Bending toward the microphone, his bari-tone voice boomed and echoed throughout the acoustically superior room. “I never set out to acquire the wealth that I have been blessed to have acquired. I actually just wanted to not starve to death, and more than that, I didn’t want my little brother, a man whom I saw more like a son, to starve to death. This is one of those times when the saying the road to hell is paved with good intentions actually fits.”
Dmitry smiled a little, thinking of Ivan when he was yet a boy standing on the pavement outside of their old apartment in Moscow waiting on him to return from prison. A tear started to form in the side of his eye, but he quickly pushed it back. In his older years, he often thought of his brother often and often with painful side effects.
“We were beyond poor, and so alone, but we were determined to take our destiny into our own hands and make something of our futures. When you have that type of deter-mination, nothing is impossible, not even becoming a billionaire. And when you have that type of experience, nothing makes you more human.”
Maxim Medlov was sitting in the front row of the large group with the other col-leagues of his class in a pair of tweed slacks, a white button down shirt and a sweater, looking as splendid as a man of his stature should.
More of an academic than any other child of Dmitry’s, Maxim had grown into a hand-some, tall, young man with dark striking features and an equally striking thirst for knowledge.
Boasting ink black wavy hair curled at the nape of his neck, wearing silver-rimmed glasses over his bright blue eyes the color of a London topaz and looking so much like Ivan until it made his mother sick, he often was referred to as the “Clark Kent of the Medlov men.”
Only, despite all of his heavenly features, there was nothing adventurous about Max-im. He was a settled man who believed in reasoning and non-violence.
Even as a boy, he had always asked the question why and now in his adulthood, he sought out the reasons as a budding educa-tor, destined to be a professor at this very same institution. In fact, if his future was simply based upon the large endowment that Dmitry had given the school, Maxim’s grandchildren would also be professors here as well.
Watching his father answer the questions so candidly made him shift in his seat in discomfort. Maxim knew this scene would only anger Konstantin, his twin brother, more. He looked over across the room to find Konstantin glaring at him with an angry scowl on his face.
Dutifully standing guard over their be-loved father, Konstantin looked around the room covertly, scanning for threats. To say that he did not want to be here was a su-preme understatement. He loathed these philosophical types with all their tree hug-ging and non-violent ideals. He had seen that the world was made up of wolves and sheep, and nothing in between. It was sick-ening to him that their father had indulged his wimpy, simple-minded brother with this blasphemous request, and he had made sure to tell everyone just that at dinner last night right before he stormed off to be alone and brood.


Konstantin was the polar opposite of Maxim. While both were over 7’ tall, Kon-stantin was an extremely muscular, pure blonde, blue-eyed, olive-skinned monster of a man with a deep voice, brooding, rugged good looks, and possessing true Vor mental-ity.
He had quit college in his third year, re-fusing to further his education. Instead, he took a job under Anya and served as the Head of Security for Medlov Enterprises.
He had been the second of the children to move out of the family home, and was al-ways the one with the shortest temper.
His mother, Royal, was completely against it all, knowing that the company was a front for the Medlov Organized Crime Family’s larger and more criminal global operations. She wanted more for her son than be relegated to the same rules of his previous generation. But he wanted to fol-low in the footsteps of his father, his big brother Anatoly, and sister.
Still, what could anyone do about the boy quitting school?
Dmitry’s final word was that Konstantin was a man, capable of making his own decisions. He felt that he had equipped him with all the tools he needed to make his own life decisions. And if Konstantin wanted to follow in the Vor way, there was no way that he would deny him the opportunity.
Anatoly, was completely behind their fa-ther’s decision and had become his biggest advocate in all family decisions.
Anya could think of nothing better than having one of her baby brothers by her side, along with her husband, Semyon. As the first woman to reign in such a capacity, loyalty was a hard commodity to come by and she would never turn down someone she knew that she could trust.
Maxim was too much of an intellect to even weigh in on the decision. And even if he had, no one would have listened.
Then there was the baby girl of the fami-ly. Demi was, as usual, unaffected by the family feud. She was off planning a wedding and refusing to even accept that her family was associated with the Vor. Maxim would always comment that Demi had drunk the Kool-Aid and was now hopelessly blind to what their family had done in the world while gaining personal wealth.
Dmitry huffed and gazed out over the crowd. “The question of nature versus nurture could be better evaluated at my home. Do you breed criminals or are they born? Some in this world, though I’ve never been convicted of a crime as an adult, would say that I am a criminal.” His eye twitched. “I would ask the question, what billionaire is not a criminal?”
Everyone laughed.
“Show me one, and I’ll show you a man or woman who inherited billions but does not yet control it, because any time that you have that type of wealth and you are in control, something is bound to go wrong.” Scratching his throat, he straightened his long back. “My children have truly made me see what’s important in this life. They have also shown me that despite your best efforts, once they are adults, you have to let them make their own decisions. Even if you tell them a 100 times not to do what you have done…sometimes they still follow in your footsteps.”
Just then, the doors in the back of the lec-ture hall opened and with it came a bright light, cool air and a breathtakingly beautiful tall woman. She appeared through the double doors wearing a black leather jacket cut to fit her small waist and wide shoulders and a matching black leather skirt tapered to fit her wide hips and long legs down to the knee. Although she was well over 6’ tall, she wore leather stilettos that tied at the ankle making her appear even larger than life.
Busty and voluptuous, she walked with a powerful stride, hips moving with a mean sway. The diamonds in her ears, on her neck, her wrist, and finger caught the light and reflected across the room. Throwing her silky black hair over her shoulder, it landed perfectly down her back and feathered around her angelic face.
She strode in with all eyes watching in sheer admiration and curiosity. Right be-hind her were five enormous men, all wear-ing suits, and all very menacing in their appearance.
Dmitry paused, giving his daughter the moment her presence commanded. How she reminded him of her mother. She was al-ways draped in diamonds, always beautiful and always powerful.
“Speak of the devil,” he said, winking at Anya.
“Better late than never, Papa,” she said, walking down the aisle to the very front of the room.
Five scholars on the front row opposite Maxim stood up and moved as if on cue, far too intimidated by the woman to wait for her entourage to ask them to relocate.
Arrogantly, she removed her designer shades and sat down beside her brother. With a venomous glare, she smiled at him. “Enjoying your little show Maxim?” she asked under her breath.
She looked over at Konstantin who was eyeing her every move and smiled at him proudly. How she loved her Konstantin.
“Nice of you to add to the conversation, sestra,” Maxim said, rolling his eyes. He adjusted his glasses in frustration. “If you had let me know that you were coming, there would have been no need to strong arm innocent students for their seats. I would have reserved a few seats for you and your private army.” He looked at the men sitting beside her, so large until they barely fit in the chairs, and sucked in a frustrated breath.
Without asking, he was certain there were more of them outside, causing a scene and circling the perimeter of the building as if she was the Queen of England.
Anya huffed. “Well, there was no way in hell that I was going to allow you to just throw just Papa to these wolves.”
“They are not wolves,” Maxim answered suggestively.
“Really? Then why are they circling like wolves around him? Anyway…you know the saying, where there is one Medlov, there are many. Admit it or not, brother, you knew that I’d be here. I’ll always be here.” Anya crossed her long legs and blew her father an endearing kiss. “Please continue, Papa. Forgive my tardiness and interrup-tion.”
“No apologies needed, princess. I would wait for you until the end of time,” Dmitry said, picking up where he left off with more vigor. “Where was I? Yes, nature versus nurture…”


Throwback to The World in Reverse

It’s almost time for me to start that year-long walk with Nicola Agosto.  As you all know, it literally takes a year to write his books.  They are always long and they are always complicated.  There is so much grown to cover with Johnson, the Medlov family and his wife.  We know that he’s now Deputy Director of the Memphis Police Department, but we don’t know what he’s walking into with this new business deal on President’s Island.  No matter what, it’s sure to be a hellacious ride.

As throwback to the second book in the Agosto Series, here is an old interview in my neck of the woods.


The World in Reverse Interview with Latrivia Nelson

The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 7 will be released on Saturday, October 25th

V7 Cover

I know to so many this project is just a short story. It’s one of 12 short stories in the series about Dmitry Medlov before he met Royal.  But my Medlovian women (oh that rowdy group of gals) are expecting excellence in each and every chapter.

In reading over my work on last night, I just wasn’t satisfied with the story yet. 100 pages of a short story that is supposed to leave you cursing me for more.  Don’t get me wrong. It’s fire, but it’s not ON fire.  So then, the debate happened.  I questioned if meeting a deadline was better than meeting YOUR expectations with my work.  And the answer came up, unequivocally NO.

This is why I’m pushing the book back one week. The 100 pages that we present to you need to knock your socks off, or at least make you want to take off your shoes and curl up to your e-reader.  Speaking of which, do people name theirs?  My e-book reader is named LUCY.  Anyway…

This series means so much to me. It’s the exploration of the mind behind the mature Russian billionaire who grew to be a worldwide leader of underworld munitions and the many relationships that he had to foster and forget.  In Dmitry’s Closet, we have a new understanding of the thick tension between Dmitry and Ivan in their first meeting when he arrived to Memphis from New York many years after the Chronicles has taken place.  We understand why Dmitry did not want Royal anywhere near Ivan, and after V7, we’ll understand why Ivan swore revenge for Arie.

The backstory makes everything fun. And this backstory is dedicated to all of you.  But I can’t dedicate something to you that I know is half done.  I’m asking for your forgiveness and understanding that we’re we a week off the mark, but somehow, I think you’re going to be entertained when it’s finally in your hands.

Chealsea Clinton Brings Home New Baby


I don’t know about you, but as a die hard Clinton fan (still a die hard Obama fan also, but just keep in mind I love the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox), I was celebrating with the family when they brought home their new bundle of joy.

Chelsea Clinton, 34, carried newborn Charlotte Mezvinsky as she left New York City’s Lenox Hill Hospital on Tuesday, accompanied by her husband, Mark Mezvinsky, and proud grandparents Hillary and Bill Clinton. (9/30/14)

Our Presidential Families are as close as we get to royalty and that’s close enough for me.  I’m very happy that Charlotte is healthy, happy and safe.  Sending blessing her way.

XoXo and all that jazz,



Vasily’s Revenge: The Complete Story is out!!!

Vasilys Revenge Option 2 (907x1280)

Well, I kept my promise. I made my deadline of September 30th to drop Vasily’s Revenge: The Complete Story.  I’m really excited about this one, simply because of its history.  When the Scandalous Heroes Box Set Authors approached me about writing a book, I was trying to figure out what character to be developed more.  Karen Moss was in love with Vasily and I thought, perfect, I’ll focus in on that.  Well, I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy writing his story.  I had a chance also to talk more about the relationship between Gabriel Medlov and his live-in girlfriend along with how Dmitry felt his organization should continue to be structured.

We’re going to have a book discussion tonight over at the Latrivia Nelson Love Pub on Facebook. You are welcome to Join and Swing by for a fun conversation. It’s also available on Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook as of today.

Now, I’m off to finish writing The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 7. Then we switch to the Lonely Hearts.  Can’t wait and couldn’t have done it without all of you.


Vasily Kavlov has been proud of one title in his life, head enforcer of the Medlov Organized Crime Family. As a Russian Mafia hit man, his entire purpose has been to protect his bosses and their families without prejudice. However, even the bravest hit man has loved at least once. To Vasily’s detriment, it was his former boss, Leo Rasputin’s wife, Lilly. After sticking his neck out once in the name of love to protect her, he was nearly killed and then discarded by the very man who had sworn allegiance. Given a second and better chance with Dmitry Medlov and his men, Vasily focused on climbing the ranks and becoming lauded by his brethren. Now the head of security for the Czar of the Underworld, a feared and revered faction of the Vory v Zakone, he put all ideas of love aside and follows the code of the Thieves-in-Law. That is until Leo breaks out of Attica and tries to hunt down Lilly in an attempt to take her life. Secret pacts between men and women come unbound as the race against time for $20 million in diamonds, unveils the truth for Vasily. He might not only carry the title of enforcer but also the title of father of Lilly’s eight year old son. Hiding them under the guard of the Medlov family, he must find the diamonds, find the men responsible for the set up and finally find out the truth. Read the first book in the new series about the most famous fiction Russian Mafia family in books, The Medlov Men, by national bestselling author Latrivia S. Nelson.

Video released of Ray Rice Punching Wife

Disturbing video of what appears to be Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his then-fiancee in an elevator has been obtained by TMZ.

Hours later, the Ravens tweeted they had terminated Rice’s contract.

The video is the first look into what happened in the elevator.

Previously, only video of Rice carrying his fiance’s limp body out of an elevator in Atlantic City, N.J. had been released.

But the video from TMZ shows Rice and Janay Palmer enter the elevator and Rice viciously punch her.

She goes down to the floor and is out. According to TMZ, Palmer hit a handrail in the elevator before hitting the floor.

Rice was suspended for two NFL games, but league commissioner Roger Goodell says the league“didn’t get it right” when it handed down Rice’s punishment in July.

Rice faced a felony aggravated assault charge in the case, but he accepted a pretrial intervention program that allowed him to avoid jail time and could lead to the charge being wiped from his record.

Rice and Palmer were married in March, just a month after the elevator incident.


Story written by WREG: http://wreg.com/2014/09/08/tmz-graphic-elevator-video-shows-nfl-star-ray-rice-punch-out-his-girlfriend/

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2014 Latrivia Nelson Fall Line Up Video

Please share, enjoy and don’t forget to join me on YouTube.

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Latrivia Nelson’s 2014 Release Dates

*May Change

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas for me. The last leg of the 2014 year, and every book that I’ve been working on for this year needs to be out by December 31, 2014.  Why?  Because I have a 12-book list for 2015, and I’d like not to have to write two books a monthJ

So many readers have wanted to know what in the world is coming first and when.  And you guys know how I feel about listing a deadline, but I’m going to do it as long as you don’t hold me to it.  Fair enough. You get what you want and I get an opportunity to at least try to be goal-oriented.

This has been a fun year truly.  I felt like my old self again, actually even better.  So, I’ve been writing notes, outlines, quotes and now I think I’m finally ready to do some writing.

Plus, I’ve put together an awesome little video of the covers.  You know me. I like to impress you.

Take a look and tell me what you think. In the next few days, we’ll take each book and list the synopsis and move forward with how you can give your input.

Big hugs and kisses to you all.

Vasily’s Revenge : The Complete Story

Vasily's Revenge

September 30, 2014

The Chronicles: v7

October 17, 2014

V7 Cover


October 31, 2014


Gracie’s Dirty Little Secret

November 15, 2014

Kissing in the park

Red and Blue

December 11, 2014

Red and Blu

The Grunt

December 26, 2014

The Grunt 2


Fighting cyber crime in the US’ infographic released by IT Governance

As more companies move their data between corporate networks, mobile devices, and the Cloud, the task to remain cyber secure remains ever more challenging.

BOISE, IDAHO, USA, August 22, 2014 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cyber crime is growing exponentially and organizations throughout the US are under increasing pressure to protect their sensitive data. As more companies move their data between corporate networks, mobile devices, and the Cloud, the task to remain cyber secure remains ever more challenging.

IT Governance, the global leaders in information security, has released a new infographic as part of its campaign to encourage awareness of cyber crime against US organizations, and the solutions available to help mitigate the threat.

The infographic, which accompanies this announcement and may be published by the media, quantifies the reality of today’s cyber threat with hard-hitting statistics.

Just last year there were 1.5 million monitored cyber attacks in the United States, a 700% increase in distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and an 87% increase in phishing attacks.

Even though the US Department of Homeland Security has recognized cyber crime as a serious threat to the country’s critical infrastructure and economy, 67% of US cybersecurity professionals said that their agency is ‘not ready to fend off hackers’.

IT Governance is urging US organizations to take action and implement a robust information security management system (ISMS). ISO27001 is the internationally recognised best-practice Standard that lays out the requirements of an ISMS and forms the backbone of every intelligent cybersecurity risk management strategy.

Alan Calder, Founder and Executive Chairman of IT Governance, commented: “If understood and implemented correctly, ISO27001 can help to rationalize security expenditure and reduce the impact of cyber crime, while giving a business a competitive edge.”

IT Governance, a specialist in the field of information security, has created ISO27001 packaged solutions to give US organizations online access to world-class expertise. Each fixed-priced solution is a combination of products and services that will enable organizations to implement ISO27001 at a speed and budget appropriate to a company’s needs.

Find out more about IT Governance’s ISO27001 packaged solutions

View the infographic

Melanie Watson
IT Governance
email us here

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Join Latrivia Nelson and The Latrivia Nelson Love Pub Members on The Skinny on Interracial Romance Tomorrow



Call in to speak with the host

(347) 637-1840

Join National Bestselling Interracial Romance Author Latrivia Nelson and the ladies of her Facebook Group, The Love Pub for an in-depth discussion of Vasily’s Revenge, Part 1.  This book is part of the Amazon Bestselling Box Set, The Scandalous Heroes, released earlier this month. Ask questions, share your thoughts, make suggestions and enjoy women from across the world as they talk about The Russian  Series that you should already own, The Medlov Men.

More About Vasily’s Revenge:

Vasily was a quiet man of questionable origins, one of the many reasons that he’d become more like family to the Medlov’s than a simple captain. He was shorter than the seven-foot Czar, but a few feet taller than his immediate boss, Anatoly…. However, his body builder physique was no less menacing. He had a prison build from years of working in the gym not only to maintain his size but also to strengthen his lungs, which had been punctured over ten years ago by Leo Rasputin’s bodyguard.

A feared, revered henchman of the Vory v Zakone, all Vasily had ever known for the last eight years was in this room. He had served the most powerful men in the mafia and his reputation had been nearly flawless doing so. He had killed more men than he cared to count. Done more deals for his bosses then he would ever say. And he had done it all without ever seeking anything in return, except once, and he had learned that lesson painfully.

Proud to Stand With Her: My Vote Will Always Be For Deidre Malone


This was posted by Deidre Malone after last night’s election results…

I want to thank everyone who supported my bid for Shelby County Mayor. We ran a race that we can be proud of and we offered Shelby County a viable Democratic choice for Shelby County Mayor. I want to thank my family, campaign team, volunteers and donors for their unwavering support. To mention a few team members that worked so hard on this campaign: Randa Spears, Ian Randolph, Belinda Anderson, Dave Cambron, Diane Cambron, Brian Malone, Darrick Harris, Kermit Moore, Alandas Dobbins, Vicki Johnson, Dawn Carter, Latrivia Nelson, Gabriela Salinas, Gale Jones Carson, TaJuan Stout Mitchell, State Rep. GA Hardaway, Jesse Johnson, Anne Carter Nelson, Lauren Anderson, Regina Jones, Brittany Ousley and Debra Davis. To the Unions that supported this campaign: Memphis AFL-CIO Labor Council, United Steel Workers, Sheet Metal Workers, IBEW Local 1288, Ironworkers Union, Teamsters, Shelby County Firefighters, Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputy’s Association and the Tennessee Equality Project and Emily’s List – Thank You. I will be forever grateful for all that you did to get us this far. We cracked the glass ceiling for a woman winning a primary for Shelby County Mayor, we didn’t shatter it by winning the General Election but I’m hopeful for the next woman that makes the effort. I want to say a special thank you to Commissioner Steve Mulroy for his endorsement and willingness to aggressively campaign for me during the General Election. We had a hard fought Primary Election where some of my supporters accused him and his campaign of race baiting. I’ve known Steve Mulroy for years and he is not a racist and he has spent his life, professionally and personally, fighting racism and advancing civil rights and equality for all people. Thanks Steve for all you do for our community.


What can I say?  She truly is a gracious and wonderful woman, who will always have my vote.  I’m proud to stand with her now, and I was proud to stand with her yesterday.  She has done so many great things for our County and she will continue to do so.

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Join Latrivia Nelson’s Love Pub Only On Facebook – Let’s Get Drunk on Fantasy

Are you a serious Medlovian? Do you love Nicola Agosto?  Are you dying to know when the next Lonely Heart Series title will come out?  Do you have questions about the backstories or ideas of how to make the series more complete?  Well you need to join us at Latrivia Nelson’s Love Pub, where Fans go to Get Drunk on Fantasy (Facebook).

Post your ideas, your favorite memes, funny videos, amazing singers and set the mood for the perfect love scene in your next book.  The women of the Love Pub talk about everything from how tall Dmitry Medlov is to how much they can’t wait for Brett Black from The Grunt to return in The Grunt 2.


Moderated by Latrivia Nelson, but run by all the members of the group, The Love Pub is a 24-hour FANtasical place just for you and all of your thoughts.

Join us today.  It’s Free. It’s Fun.  It’s Fantasy.


Europe and Eurasia: Russia’s Continuing Support for Armed Separatists

…in Ukraine and Ukraine’s Efforts Toward Peace, Unity, and Stability

The United States’ goal throughout the crisis in Ukraine has been to support a democratic Ukraine that is stable, unified, secure both politically and economically, and able to determine its own future. Therefore, we support ongoing dialogue among the foreign ministers from Ukraine, Germany, France, and Russia to work toward a sustainable ceasefire by all parties in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions in eastern Ukraine that would build toward a lasting peace. We should emphasize, however, that our ultimate goal is not just a temporary halt to violence. We want Russia to stop destabilizing Ukraine and occupying Crimea, a part of Ukraine’s territory, and allow all of the people of Ukraine to come together to make their own decisions about their country’s future through a democratic political process.

Ukrainian President Poroshenko has proposed a detailed peace plan that includes a promise of amnesty for separatists who laid down their arms voluntarily, and who are not guilty of capital crimes, decentralization of powers within Ukraine, and protection of the Russian language. He also implemented a unilateral ten-day ceasefire on June 20 to create room for a political solution, which unfortunately was not reciprocated by the separatists and their Russian backers.

While Russia says it seeks peace, its actions do not match its rhetoric. We have no evidence that Russia’s support for the separatists has ceased. In fact, we assess that Russia continues to provide them with heavy weapons, other military equipment and financing, and continues to allow militants to enter Ukraine freely. Russia denies this, just as it denied its forces were involved in Crimea — until after the fact. Russia has refused to call for the separatists to lay down their arms, and continues to mass its troops along the Ukrainian border. Many self-proclaimed “leaders” of the separatists hail from Russia and have ties to the Russian government. This all paints a telling picture of Russia’s continued policy of destabilization in eastern Ukraine.

Here are the facts:

  • Russia continues to accumulate significant amounts of equipment at a deployment site in southwest Russia. This equipment includes tanks of a type no longer used by the Russian military, as well as armored vehicles, multiple rocket launchers, artillery, and air defense systems. Russia has roughly doubled the number of tanks, armored vehicles, and rocket launchers at this site. More advanced air defense systems have also arrived at this site.
  • We are confident Moscow is mobilizing additional tanks that are no longer in the active Russian military inventory from a depot to send to this same deployment site.
  • We are concerned much of this equipment will be transferred to separatists, as we are confident Russia has already delivered tanks and multiple rocket launchers to them from this site.
  • Available information indicates Moscow has recently transferred some Soviet-era tanks and artillery to the separatists and that over the weekend several military vehicles crossed the border.
  • Social media videos of separatist military convoys suggest Russia in the past week alone has probably supplied the militants with at least two-dozen additional armored vehicles and artillery pieces and about as many military trucks.
  • Publicly available videos posted on July 14 of a Luhansk convoy on the road to Donetsk revealed at least five T-64 tanks, four BMP-2 armored personnel carriers (APC), BM-21 multiple rocket launchers, three towed antitank guns, two ZU 23-2 antiaircraft guns, and probably a 2B16 mortar.
  • A video of Krasnodon, near the Izvaryne border crossing, on 11 July showed two BTR armored personnel carriers, two antitank guns, and various trucks on a road heading in a westerly direction towards Donetsk.
  • A video filmed in Donetsk on 11 July showed a convoy of three BMD-2 APCs, two BMPs, one 2S9 self-propelled gun, and a BTR-60 APC.
  • In addition, after recapturing several Ukrainian cities last weekend, Ukrainian officials discovered caches of weapons that they assert came from Russia, including MANPADS, mines, grenades, MREs, vehicles, and a pontoon bridge.
  • Ukrainian forces have discovered large amounts of other Russian-provided military equipment, including accompanying documentation verifying the Russian origin of said equipment, in the areas they have liberated from the separatists.
  • Photographs of destroyed or disabled separatist equipment in eastern Ukraine have corroborated that some of this equipment is coming from Russia.
  • Recruiting efforts for separatist fighters are expanding inside Russia and separatists are looking for volunteers with experience operating heavy weapons such as tanks and air defenses. Russia has allowed officials from the “Donetsk Peoples’ Republic” to establish a recruiting office in Moscow.
  • Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko, who has long had a distinguished career in the Ukrainian military, was taken by separatists in mid-June. She is now being held in a prison in Voronezh, Russia. According to the Ukrainian government, she was transferred to Russia by separatists.
  • Separately Russia continues to redeploy new forces extremely close to the Ukrainian border. We have information that a significant number of additional military units are also in the process of deploying to the border.

Ukraine’s Good-Faith Efforts: In a bid to unify the country, President Poroshenko outlined a comprehensive peace plan on June 7. President Poroshenko’s plan offers amnesty to separatists who lay down their arms voluntarily, and who are not guilty of capital crimes; commits to providing a safe corridor for Russian fighters to return to Russia; establishes a job creation program for the affected areas; includes an offer of broad decentralization and dialogue with eastern regions, including the promise of early local elections; and grants increased local control over language, holidays, and customs. President Poroshenko also has reached out to the residents of eastern Ukraine and is pursuing constitutional reform which will give local regions more authority to choose their regional leaders and protect locally-spoken languages.

President Poroshenko implemented a unilateral seven-day (later extended to ten days) unilateral ceasefire on June 20. He also proposed meeting with leaders from eastern Ukraine – including separatists – despite their stated unwillingness to abide by the cease-fire or to negotiate.

Yet Russia and its proxies in Donetsk and Luhansk did not act on this opportunity for peace. Hours after the ceasefire began, Russia-backed separatists wounded nine Ukrainian service members. During the course of the ten-day ceasefire, Russia-backed separatists attacked Ukrainian security forces over 100 times, killing 28 service members. The separatists continue to hold more than 150 hostages, mostly civilians, including teachers and journalists. Separatists have refused all offers by the Ukrainian government to meet.

This timeline of events leading to, during, and after the unilateral Ukraine ceasefire illustrates how the good-faith efforts of the Ukraine government and European leaders to broker a ceasefire with Russia and the separatists it backs have been rejected. Russia and the separatists they are supporting continued to destabilize Ukraine throughout the ceasefire, and continue to destabilize Ukraine today.

  • May 25: Petro Poroshenko, who had campaigned on a platform stressing reconciliation with the east and Russia, is elected by an absolute majority of voters in Ukraine.
  • June 8-17: President Poroshenko hosts five rounds of contact group talks, facilitated by the OSCE envoy, in the lead-up to his announcement of a ceasefire.
  • June 12: Poroshenko initiates a call to President Putin to open communication.
  • June 14: EU-brokered gas talks end with a final EU brokered proposal: Ukraine accepts the proposal, but Russia rejected it.
  • June 19: Poroshenko meets with eastern Ukrainian leaders, including separatists, in Kyiv.
  • June 20: Poroshenko implements a seven-day unilateral ceasefire. Hours later, nine Ukrainian service members are wounded by pro-Russian separatists, foreshadowing separatists’ 100 plus violent actions over the next 10 days.
  • June 23: The contact group meets in Donetsk.
  • June 25: NATO Secretary General Rasmussen notes that there are “no signs” of Russia respecting its international commitments with regard to Ukraine.
  • June 27: Ukraine provides constitutional reform provisions to the Venice Commission for review. This reform would allow for the direct election of governors and for local authorities to confer special status on minority languages within their regions.
  • June 27: Poroshenko extends the unilateral ceasefire another 72 hours to allow another chance for OSCE contact group negotiations to show progress.
  • June 28: Ukraine shoots down two Russian UAVs violating Ukraine’s airspace in the Luhansk region.
  • June 30: Due to the separatists’ refusal to abandon violence in favor of negotiation, President Poroshenko allows the cease-fire to expire.
  • July 3: President Poroshenko in a telephone conversation with U.S. Vice President Biden reaffirms that he is ready to begin political negotiations to resolve the situation in Donetsk and Luhansk regions without any additional conditions.
  • July 8: President Petro Poroshenko visits the former rebel stronghold of Slovyansk to meet with local residents after government forces recapture it from pro-Russian separatists.
  • July 9: Ukraine restores electricity and train service to Slovyansk, and Ukrainian security forces distribute food, drinking water, and humanitarian aid to the population.
  • July 11: The Ukrainian government establishes an inter-agency task force in Slovyansk that is conducting damage, security, and humanitarian needs assessments.
  • July 11: The Ukrainian government reports that it delivered over 60 tons of humanitarian aid supplies in Donetsk Oblast over the preceding 24 hours, bringing the five-day total to 158 tons. President Poroshenko announces that Ukrainian security forces had successfully cleared nearly 100 mines and roadside bombs from liberated territory.

As General Philip Breedlove, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander for Europe, stated on July 1: “The cease fire in Ukraine was not ended because of accusations; it was ended because Russian-backed separatists responded with violence while President Poroshenko tried to open a window for peace. Russia’s commitment to peace will be judged by its actions, not its words.” As the United States and our European allies have repeatedly stated, we call on the Russian government to halt its material support for the separatists, to use its influence with the separatists to push them to lay down their arms and abide by a ceasefire and to release all hostages. Only then can the process of bringing peace to Ukraine truly begin.

USA TODAY Highlights The Fabulous 9 authors of the Scandalous Heroes Box Set

Scandalous Heroes Amazon

You know, I really should update this thing more. I’ve found that it’s a way to purge. The only problem is that there’s only 24 hours in a day and I need 48 to complete all of my work. LOL. Things could be worse. I could be doing nothing at all. And with my very “special” mind, that would drive me crazy.

I’ve got great news to report. The USA Today did an excellent article online about the Scandalous Heroes Box Set, released on July 6th. It features Yvette Hines, Serenity King, Bridget Midway, Tiana Laveen, Pepper Pace, Erosa Knowles, Sienna Mynx, Aliyah Burke and myself. 9 authors, 9 new stories all for 99 cents. Crazy right?

We’ve had an amazing kickoff. Readers have been so supportive and positive. The reviews have been awesome and let’s face it; this project was historic. It won’t happen again. It won’t last forever, for everyone is living in the moment – enjoying being a part of the experience.

On July 7th, after a serious lack of sleep, we woke up to the USA Today article that I’m sure made all of us smile and proud.


Scandalous Heroes boxed set (Excerpt from USA Today.com) Michelle Monkou, Special for USA TODAY
Nine authors — Sienna Mynx, Latrivia Nelson, Pepper Pace, Bridget Midway, Serenity King, Aliyah Burke, Tiana Laveen, Yvette Hines, Erosa Knowles — offer up a great array of stories with the common theme of “scandalous heroes.” From the sensual to the erotic, these men represent all backgrounds with passion for life, passion for their women and hearts big enough to fall in love.
These nine great stories have something for every taste — alphas, shifters, Doms, billionaires, blue-collar hunks and urban heroes. Stories include Raw Exposure by Aliyah Burke, Vasily’s Revenge by Latrivia Nelson, Double Trouble: Men of 3X CONStruction by Erosa Knowles, Tattooed Moon by Tiana Laveen, Last Call by Bridget Midway, The Wrath of Michael by Serenity King.
In addition, I have to give a few shout-outs for these captivating stories: Rallenti by Sienna Mynx with its Sicilian enforcer, Renaldo Cracchiolo, and his sexy and beautiful shoemaker, Kyra Okeeno. Great introduction to the Battaglia Mafia series with fast-paced, vibrant and sexy romance, coupled with a great cast of characters that add the right amount of drama, humor, and suspense.
Everything Is Everything by Pepper Pace surprised me because it wasn’t the run-of-the-mill romance. Pace’s creatively unique style had the power to pull me into the lives of these teens. Set in the ’70s, neighborhoods, lives, and individual consequences collide. These young adults have grown-folk-size issues to deal with on a daily basis, and yet, their hearts still seek love and hope. A truly compelling tale with a cliffhanger ending, but the emotional investment is solidly there at the end of the story.
Sieged by Rym by Yvette Hines is a wickedly sexy brew of paranormal, science-fiction and erotica. The battle of the sexes feels like a tennis match between the elite — thanks to Hines’ artistry with suspense and sexual tension.
So you can imagine that I was big smiles and hugs after this article. Please go to it and share it on your Facebook and Twitter pages. If you have other social media platforms, share them there as well.

We really want to get the word out. If you’ve never purchased a book online, take the leap of faith with us and purchase ours. After all, it’s only 99 cents.

More to come….

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Vasily’s Revenge – Part 1 (Scandalous Heroes Box Set Due July 6th)

Vasily's Revenge Cover
I am very happy to announce that Vasily’s Revenge will be out as a part of the Scandalous Heroes Box Set on July 6th.


Vasily’s Revenge Synopsis Vasily Kavlov is head of security for the most feared and revered Russian mafia organization in the free world, The Medlov Crime Family. A quiet henchmen with no family, no love life and unyielding loyalty to his bosses, the thirties something bad boy is all work and no play. However, his past quickly comes back to haunt him, when the woman he nearly gave his life for ten years ago is threatened once again by an old enemy. Going to Lilly Rasputin’s aid won’t just be a journey down memory lane, it’s also a jolt to the system when he learns that he’s the father to her child.

Will changing everything in his life, give him new lust for it? And can he trust a woman who was the cause of his near death before?

Excerpt from Vasily’s Revenge
Latrivia Nelson (c) 2014
Please do not copy without expressed permission from the Author or Publisher

Manhattan, NYC
Ten Years Ago



Manhattan, NYC

Ten Years Ago


Even from downstairs in the Upper East Side three-story, luxury brownstone, Vasily could hear Lilly and his boss Leo arguing.  The sound of raised voices and heavy objects hitting the wall and breaking were like nails on a chalkboard for him, reminding him of his less-than-fortunate childhood and the grizzly scenes that had unfolded at his father’s hand.

After so many years of being around constant and abhorrent violence from a toddler to a grown man, he knew trouble brewing when he heard it.  He also knew when a man was headed toward a vehement eruption, and based upon the growl in his boss’s voice and aggressive words coming from his mouth, Lilly would be in trouble soon, if they both didn’t calm down.

Lilly was a voluptuous woman, the kind who looked like she was born to be a centerfold pinup. With a large, double-D bosom, a freakishly small waist and wide sculpted hips, she had captured everyone’s attention in the house, including

Vasily’s but he never let on about it.

There was something charming about her raspy, seductive voice and smooth coco skin, the way her lips curved into a heart and her almond-shaped, brown eyes always showed all of her emotions. Her hair was like soft black feathers and the dimples in the sides of both of her high-cheeks seem to explode every time that she smiled at him.

And Lilly smiled often, despite his attempt to be as dull and quiet as possible around her.

In fact, he often avoided her just so that he wouldn’t have to take in her intoxicating scent or try to hide the primitive reaction she caused in him.

Fresh out of hair school and going nowhere fast, she had fallen into Leo’s arms at an upscale night club in Manhattan where she was a waitress. His romance of her was quick and to the point. He wanted her. So, he took her.

In exchange, she got this…

A lesson in the fact that all that glitters is not gold.

Looking up at the crown molding ceiling of the parlor Vasily shook his head at the vibrations coming from above.

They were not calming down. If anything, they were ramping it up.

Another vase slammed against the wall upstairs, this time knocking down a painting with it. The clanging of the objects was only magnified by the constant name calling, not by her but by him. Leo berated her loudly, using his tongue instead of his hand for the moment to tear her down layer by layer.

There was only so much of this that Vasily could take, but the men sitting around the table with him seemed to be able to ignore it as they cleaned their guns, loaded their magazines and watched television like nothing was going on.

Some of them even ate their dinner and had sidebar conversations, never flinching as a woman just up the stairs screamed to the top of her lungs. To them, such a thing was typical, if not expected. Many of them had come from homes just like his, but had no better ideas of women than the men who had beat them and their mothers.

Vasily, on the other hand, swore to never hit a woman and never to allow one to be hit in his presence. Sure, there were evil women, no different from evil men in the world. But if he had to kill one, he did just that—respectfully with a bullet.

Taking a deep breath, he set down his Uzi on the round wooden table carefully and stood up, pushing his chair a few feet away in frustration.

Most of the men sitting around the table did not paid attention to him. They could not possibly fathom that he was actually about to do something as stupid as intervene between their boss and his girl. Besides, they were supposed to be getting ready for a meeting tonight where money and microchips would be exchanged at an undisclosed location, not dealing in things domestic.

“Don’t do it,” Yakov warned his friend in a thick Russian accent. He sat beside him at the table, watching Vasily’s demeanor change with each and every scream. “It’s not worth it.” He looked up at Vasily with old wisdom in his young features and shook his head, begging him to mind his own business.

Yakov had been with Leo longer than Vasily and knew his boss’s hellish temper and his history with women. What was going on upstairs was nothing new for the house. There had been many women before Lilly and would probably be many after her.

A hiss escaped him in anger. “I can’t just sit down here and listen to this,” Vasily said, clenching his square jaw. He looked up at the ceiling again impatiently. “He could be hurting her this time. Every argument gets one step closer.”

“They are just arguing. No big deal. Tomorrow they’ll be better,” Yakov promised. “Besides, she’s not your girlfriend. But he is your boss. Remember that.” He pointed at him to add levity to the situation. “Don’t do anything stupid.”

Lilly yelled again, this time louder. The door to their bedroom flung open. “Fuck you, Leo!” she screamed. “I am so sick of dealing with your shit! You are not my father!”

“Get your black ass back here,” Leo ordered in a thick Russian accent, bolting out of the door after her with his black Armani shirt open to show his sinewy muscles and a tattooed chest.

Grabbing her by her slender arm, he swung her around and slapped her across the face all in one motion.

Instantly, she fell to the carpeted floor, grabbing her face and crying. She was stunned that he had actually hit her this time. With wide eyes of disbelief, she looked up at him deathly afraid.

The hit echoed as the men went silent in the room below.

His heart strained. “That’s it,” Vasily said, voice going sharp as he headed through the doorway.

“Vasily, no!”

Yakov was immediately torn. Vasily was his best friend and like a brother to him, but Leo was his boss and he was his second-in-charge. He knew that Vasily wasn’t wrong for wanting the fighting to stop. Lilly, after all, was a good and decent girl, but it was not their place to save her from a situation that she had put herself in.

Yakov stood up to go after Vasily, but gave him a moderate and intentional start. This was going to happen at one point or another. It might as well happen while he could help Vasily. He knew, while never saying anything, that Vasily had a thing for Lilly, but he also knew that his friend had never made one advance toward her. Vasily wasn’t like that. He was more honorable than any other man that he knew in the Vory v Zakone. And it would be his honor that would be his ultimate downfall.

“What do you want us to do?” one of the other men asked, not really alarmed by Vasily’s outburst.

Yakov motioned for the men to stay seated. “I’ve got this,” he said, refusing to put his friend into danger without cause.

Everyone sitting at the table was the shoot now, ask questions later type. Even if they had to kill Vasily, they wouldn’t care. He was one of them, but not really. He was newest to their small crew and only close to Yakov.

Headed up the elaborate alabaster wood staircase toward Lily’s cries, Vasily saw Leo look over the banister at him. He rushed as fast as he could, moving up the stairs two or three at a time, seeing red, determined to make the man stop his shouting and hitting.

As Vasily arrived on the third floor, heaving furious breaths, Leo scowled at him. His penetrating gray eyes were like a wolf locked on his prey. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” he asked in a deep baritone, still standing over Lily like he was ready to attack again.

He looked down at the woman, wearing only a torn pink satin slip, lip bleeding and long black hair covering her bruised face. Unable to help himself, Vasily reached out for her. All he wanted to do was to protect and keep her safe, only he didn’t know why. “Get up,” he said to her with both authority and concern.

Leo snorted in response. “Are you serious?” He frowned; looking around like someone was playing a practical joke on him. “What is this?”

“She’s had enough,” Vasily snarled. “I’m not disillusioned by what kind of men we are, but we don’t beat women.”

Leo’s mouth dropped open when he realized that Vasily was serious. “I do whatever the fuck I want to do,” Leo reminded, hitting his chest like a caveman. He stood between Vasily and Lily, purposefully guarding his territory.

Leo was a big man, not easily pushed around or intimidated. Nearly as wide as Vasily, he boasted a thick, muscular chest and bulging arms and bottomed out with legs as large as tree trunks that were covered in tailored black slacks and leather dress shoes. His low black crew cut outlined his chiseled features—gray eyes, wide-lips, tanned skin, thick black brows and a splash of freckles across his face. He was menacingly handsome and overtly dangerous.

Leo gestured at the quivering woman while keeping his eyes on Vasily. “You’re fucking her, aren’t’ you?” He wiped his nose and planted his feet ready for a fight.

Vasily stepped closer. “No.” His tone was bitter and unapologetic. “If I were, I would not have let you lay the first hand on her.”

Lily pushed to her feet, forgetting the pain in her face for a second. She wiped her bloody mouth. “Leo, don’t. Let’s just go back inside and talk this out. There is no need to get anyone else involved.” Her voice nearly failed her. She didn’t want anything to happen to Vasily because of her. She liked him, more than he knew.

Leo laughed. “Oh, this is rich. You and my fucking foot boy? Really?” He looked between the both of them and put his hand on his hip in contemplation.

“Vasily has never touched me,” Lilly answered.

“I just don’t like men beating women,” Vasily said, eyes narrowing. “I don’t care who you are. I’m not going to let you put your hands on her again.”

“Is that a fact?” Leo’s fangs began to show. He was amused somewhat by the ridiculous attempt.

Yakov came up the stairs behind them, assessing the situation quietly. He looked over at Leo with faux-confusion. “What’s going on?” he asked, although he already knew.

“Are you fucking her too?” Leo asked Yakov.

“No, boss.” The look on Yakov’s face, a mix of surprise and denial, made Leo turn his attention back to the six-foot-four wall of muscle that was Vasily.

“Let me explain something to you,” Leo said walking over to Lilly and grabbing her up by her neck. “This is my property.” He pointed at Vasily. “You are my property, and if I choose to beat her or you then it’s my fucking business. Until you are boss, you don’t have a thing to say about it. Do I make myself clear?”

Vasily could feel the heat growing under his collar. “Let go of her,” he demanded. “I won’t say it again.”

Lilly’s brown eyes were filled with shame and fear. “Stop, Leo, please!” she begged.

Leo rubbed his jaw in contemplation. “Let go of her?” he asked, pushing her body against the banister as if he would push her over. “Here?” He pushed her harder and she screamed. “Or here?” He almost smiled at the reaction on Vasily’s face.

As half of Lilly’s body dangled over the edge of the railing, Vasily went for the gun in his holster at lightning fast speed.

Pointing it at Leo’s head with his finger on the trigger, he heard the distinctive click of a weapon behind him.

“Don’t do this,” Yakov begged, gun pointed. His friend had pushed his hand, leaving him no choice but to protect his boss.

“You throw her over, I pull this trigger and Yakov pulls his. Three people die. Won’t be the first three; won’t be the last. It’s that simple,” Vasily said without blinking. His greenish-blue eyes were intense under dark lashes and arched brows. “I really don’t give a fuck if I live or die as long as I take you with me. But one thing is for sure, if you push her over that railing, you’re next.”

Lilly screamed, crying for her life and looking down three floors at the daunting marble floor beneath. Her two-carat diamond necklace broke and fell below as Leo squeezed her neck. There was no doubt that if he pushed her over, she would fall to her death.

Pushing her hands against the railing to keep from going over, she struggled. “Please, Leo. Don’t do this? I’m sorry. God, I’m sorry, just please let me go!”

Vasily gripped the gun tighter, a bead of sweat forming at his left temple. “I’m waiting,” he bit out.

Leo calculated the impending risk. In all the time that he had had Vasily under his employ, he’d never known him to bluff. This was not an idle threat, nor was it a good situation for him.

Yakov’s hand shook, not because he was afraid to kill, but because he didn’t want to kill the person in front of him. “Vasily, think of what you’re doing,” he said in a calm voice.

“I am thinking,” Vasily said, not taking his eyes off of Leo.

Leo wasn’t exactly anxious to end his life over a woman that he’d only met the year before. And there was no way that he wanted to be shot by one of his own men. There was no honorable death in that. He’d be the laughing stock of the Vory v Zakone in New York.

Snatching her back over the banister, he threw her on the floor against the wall.

Vasily looked down at her and reached for her again. “Come with me,” he said softly. “Don’t stay here and put up with this shit.”

Lilly looked at his hand and started to cry. She wanted to leave more than anything, but she was afraid. Where would they go? Where would they hide from a man like Leo Rasputin? He was everywhere and knew everyone. He would find them and kill them.

Vasily’s face was awash with disappointment and rejection as he watched her recoil away from him.

Leo laughed, already acutely aware of the outcome. “You see, you’re the only one here who doesn’t know his place.” He put his index finger over his lips as he gave a crooked smile. “But let me remind you.”

Suddenly, a gun went off behind him as a man, who had gone unseen the entire confrontation, standing in a few feet back from the four of them in the hallway released a round that went straight through Vasily’s back.

It seemed as though time slowed down.

As the bullet exited his chest, Vasily dropped to his knees and looked across at Lilly one last time. Falling forward on the carpet, blood splattering out of his mouth, he finally released his gun.

As Vasily wheezed a gurgling violent last breath, Leo spit on his open wound and kicked the gun across the floor. “Get this peace of shit out of here,” he said, stepping over him.

Even as the light faded from Vasily’s eyes, he could hear Lilly’s screams. She cried as Leo drug her down the stairs out of the view of the man who had tried and failed to protect her.


Author Latrivia Nelson on Rihanna’s Dress for the CFDA (BYE FELICIA)


Thursday Night, I stayed up for what felt like forever and worked on copyediting for the upcoming box set that I’ll be teaming up with other 8 other amazing authors on set to drop in July.  And somewhere between the setting of the sun and rising of it, on the verge of epiphany or a mental breakdown, I decided to take a creative break and surf the net.  Well, I came across a multitude of Rihanna stories, splashed across every website in America like she was the cause of the Benghazi incident.


Because she had on a dress that you could see through at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards (I gasp).


I sat up in the bed to make sure that I wasn’t just underreacting because I’d been up for 30 hours, and I zoomed in on the dress.  NOPE.  It didn’t seem to bother my fragile sensibilities one bit. (And I’m quite fragile).


Yes, you could see her ta-tas.

Yes, you could see her rear end.

BUT (Wait for it)

In truth, she looked gorgeous.  The dress was tasteful, and fresh and alluring…but the one thing that did bother me was wondering what in the hell I would look like in something like that.


I had to laugh at myself.  Me pulling off that dress would be like… well, Family Guy has already done that analogy, so I won’t reinvent the wheel.


But what I found incredibly inspiring was her recognition of mover and shaker Josephine Baker.  Truly, when I saw the dress, I thought about the roaring 20’s. I thought of gangsters in tuxedos and Tommy guns and Harlem Nights and reporters with cameras that had huge light bulbs in them.

So, she must have hit the nail on the head. Excellent choice on the dress.  And maybe (and what do I know, my favorite color is black and I wear basic Armani to slim my look only when I’m not in Target {pronounced TAR-JAY} and a soft cotton t-shirts) that was her point and why she was being honored in the first place.  She wanted to do something that had not been done.  After all, that’s what they pay her for.  They pay her to create sounds and music that we haven’t already heard, to dress and inspire like we’ve never seen and be a superstar.  Well, she did her job.  Bravo Rihanna!


Now back to me…behind deadline and exhausted…definitely on the verge of breakdown now that the epiphany has passed.  And this is comical and very symbolic….while most of America stopped to judge her doing her job as she is supposed do, most of us aren’t nearly as diligent about our own affairs.  So, I’m sure that she went home to her multi-million dollar home, took off her amazing dress and relaxed in her comfy pajamas while flipping through the Internet completely unmoved by all the yammer.  In fact, I’m willing to bet that she was like, “Bye, Felicia.”

Bye Felicia

And more power to her.



Stay thirsty my friends,



Go See Belle, The Movie (2014)

b b2

What Order Should I Read Latrivia Nelson’s Books


Books Currently Released and Order to Read:


The Agosto Series:

Ivy’s Twisted Vine (2008) paperback

Ivy’s Twisted Vine Redux (2011) paperback/eBook

The World in Reverse (2013) paperback/eBook


The Medlov Series:

Dmitry’s Closet (2010) paperback/eBook

Dmitry’s Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen (2010) paperback/eBook

Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign (2011) paperback/eBook

Saving Anya (2012) paperback/eBook


The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov:

Book One (Same as V1:V4) paperback/eBook

The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 1

The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 2

The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 3

The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 4

The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 5 (eBook only)

The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 6 (eBook only)



The Lonely Heart Series:

The Ugly Girlfriend (2010) eBook/paperback

Finding Opa! (2011) eBook/paperback

The Grunt (2011) eBook/paperback

The Contingency Plan (2012) eBook only


Warner Brothers is doing a Vory v Zakone project


EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros is moving forward with a drama that will trace the origins of organized crime in Russia. The studio has hired Andrew Sodroski to write Vor V Zakone. That is a Russian term that translates to Thief In Law, which refers to a professional criminal who holds elite status among other law breakers. This traces back to the Russian Revolution of 1917, where Stalin attempted to exterminate the criminal underworld and filled the gulags with bandits and thugs of every stripe. Rather than weed them out, that effort united them and created a heirarchy that continues to this day, with soldiers wearing their rank in the form of tattoos bestowed by leaders from prison. The narrative thru line here is how one man, a leader of the Vor V Zakone, rose to become the very person his brethren swore never to serve: the Tsar himself.

Michael Andreen is producing. Sodroski’s script Holland, Michigan is getting made with Errol Morris directing and Naomi Watts starring, with John Lesher’s Le Grisbi producing. The scribe was a history major at Harvard and has lived in Kosovo and the Republic of Georgia. He’s repped by CAA, Principato Young and David Fox. Andreen, a longtime studio exec, hatched the original idea for the epic drama and Warner Bros’ Jon Berg will oversee it.


Article written by: By | Wednesday September 18, 2013 @ 4:33pm PDT


Red and Blu: Book Six in The Lonely Heart Series, Cover Reveal


Highness: A Lonely Heart Series Story

Official Cover

Prince Michael has always been England’s bad boy.  Handsome, confident and completely untraditional, many of his antics garnered front-page news and international headlines over the years.  However, once he gets engaged to a woman of note, he finally become a man that his mother, The Queen of England, can be proud of.  Too bad, the world wind romance is short lived.

Catastrophe:  After calling off the wedding to Thalia, his brother Richard convinces him to get out of the public eye and covertly go to the United States for a while where he hopes that Michael will gain a little more respect for his title and position by living as a commoner, and so the media won’t keep catching him in other women’s beds.  To make the situation a little more discrete, they pick the small town of Hernando, Mississippi for their experiment.  Normally, Michael would have considered the entire proposal laughable, but the constant fallout from the breakup make what started out as a preposterous suggestion a pliable solution.

Hope Daniels is on top of the world.  Working on a collection of art to display in a few months after signing a major deal, she feverishly is working toward her deadline, when suddenly disaster strikes.  After being in a head-on collision with a drunk driver, she is left temporarily blind and completely alone. With no one to help take care of her, her agent pushes her to hire someone to help her around the house until her sight comes back.  After the most ridiculous interview ever, she finally agrees to hire handyman, Beau Michaels, not knowing that her help is actually the royal variety.

Blessing:  Michael’s never been understood, mostly because his beauty and title have always gotten in the way of any sincere connection with a woman, but with Hope blind to his looks and unaware of his true status, he is forced to be himself for the first time ever.

With his majesty waiting on Hope hand and foot, and Hope feeding Michael’s soul with more than pomp and circumstance, their connection becomes electric.

Only what happens when she can see again and he finally sees what he wants in life?

Read the fifth book in The Lonely Heart Series by National Bestselling Author Latrivia S. Nelson, Highness.  Coming Soon.

The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 6 (Discussion One: Elsa and Dmitry)

v6 Flat

This weekend, I literally had to sleep. After a grueling last few weeks on many fronts, I was happy to drop V6, one of a couple of books that are in the queue for RiverHouse.

You know, this book is so exciting in so many ways. It marks the half-way mark for the Chronicles, which I had to expand because the story could not be told in eight volumes. It marks the point of no return for Dmitry and Ivan and it tells the story of why Dmitry never truly loves until he meets Royal.

Love is never easy. We all know that. We go through ups and downs. We have moments when we are not sure what’s what. But Elsa and Dmitry where going through some serious drama. She wanted to be like Beyoncé and make Dmitry put a ring on her finger. Now, who could really blame her? It’s not like you can get a catch like him every day, but the problem was that Dmitry wasn’t interested. He was in the middle of building a skyscraper and gaining legitimate and legal name recognition in the international business community.



Excerpt from The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 6

Dmitry had discovered that this outward transformation he was undergoing would be the key to the continuation of the Medlov Crime Family’s existence. The new men of their old brotherhood would have to find innovative ways to help the Vory v Zakone survive, and with Interpol taking a hard stance against them, they had to do it covertly and quickly.
Hundreds of men had been put in prison over the last year, many whom did not bother to hide their affiliations or intent. Others were arrested only because they did not do a good enough job of covering their tracks or hiding their meetings. For Dmitry, it was important to walk the line carefully. He had to be a chameleon so that he could move from one place to the other without agents popping out of his luggage.
The natural fit for most Vory men who were trying to branch out was in business, politics or law. Anyone who was serious about control was involved in all three. Dmitry had decided to start buying up international businesses in various industries including biomedical research, cell phone, computers and whatever else would put him in front of the technology curve. In the process, he also bought as many politicians as his purse could afford and put a few more lawyers on his payroll. He wanted to build a machine large enough to fuel the world’s largest and most powerful crime syndicate but smart enough to simply look like capitalism at its most.
It had only been a year since the bad business with his father. Since then, he had closed the deal with Elsa’s father to provide the Angolan MPLA with all of their munitions, cleansed Hutton’s board of anyone who was not a part of the brotherhood and expand his presence in Mother Russia to exploit the grotesquely large surplus of post-war munitions hidden in bunkers across the country.
In essence, his plan had been a total success. He was finally moving in the direction that he had always envisioned.

End of Excerpt.


However, we all know, you can’t make anyone marry you. Only Elsa didn’t get the memo. In her mind, they were spending time together on a continual basis, they were in a monogamous relationship, and marriage was the next logical step.

Now any true Medlovian is also well versed in the Vory v Zakone. You have to be to understand the plot and twists of the storyline.


The Vory was born of Stalin’s prison camps and grew into a group of criminal barons who kept order in the gulags and governed the dark gaps in Soviet life beyond the reach of the KGB. While the Communist Party had a steadfast grip on government and society, the Vory had something of a monopoly on crime.

While Dmitry later moved into other parts of his life where he could explore marriage, at such a young age during this particular point in his life, he is not interested in marriage or going against his code.

Under the theoretical code of the vory,[4] a thief must:
• Never show his emotions.
• Forsake his relatives: father, mother, brothers, sisters. (Varies)
• Not have a family of his own: no marriage, no children; this does not however, preclude him from having an unlimited number of women. *During a large gathering of thieves-in-law during the late 1980s, this rule was removed. (Varies)
• Never, under any circumstances, have a legitimate job or significant property (e.g. a house), no matter how much difficulty this brings; live only on money obtained through gambling or theft (the word ‘theft’ as used here describes any criminal activity considered ‘legitimate’ by the Vory), and rely on lower-level criminals for accommodation. For example, harming or molesting children is strongly frowned upon and may endanger a vor’s status and could provoke a more brutal retaliation from one’s comrades than from the police. A ‘thief in law’ is a leadership position, so direct participation in arms smuggling and drug trafficking is incompatible with their high status since those crimes are a form of commerce. However receiving tribute from smugglers and drug-dealers or robbing and extorting them is a legitimate activity for a ‘thief in law’.[citation needed] (Traditional thieves this apply but modern Vor tend to be in more powerful positions and this rule now, is very uncommon.)
• Help other thieves: both by moral and material support, utilizing the commune of thieves.
• Rule and arbitrate the criminal world and protect basic needs of criminals and prisoners according to the extents and priorities set by the thieves’ commune (typically in a given prison/prison cell, or region when not imprisoned)
• Keep secret information about the whereabouts of accomplices (e.g. dens, districts, hideouts, safe apartments, etc.).
• In unavoidable situations (if a thief is under investigation or is arrested) to take the blame for someone else’s crime; this buys the other person time to escape and remain free.[citation needed]
• Demand an inquiry and judgment by a council of thieves to resolve disputes in the event of a conflict between oneself and other thieves, or between thieves.
• If necessary, participate in such inquiries if called upon.
• Punish any offending thief as decided by the judgment of the thieves council.[citation needed]
• Not resist carrying out the decision of punishing the offending thief who is found guilty, with punishment determined by the thieves council.[citation needed]
• Have good command of the thieves’ slang (called “Fenya”), a distinct language spoken by hardcore criminals in Russia and understood by few outsiders.[5]
• Never gamble without being able to cover losses.
• Teach the criminal way of life to youth with potential.
• Have, if possible, informants from the rank and file of thieves.[citation needed]
• Not to lose your reasoning abilities when drunk.
• Have nothing to do with the authorities (particularly with the ITU, Correctional Labor Authority), not participate in public activities, nor join any community organizations. (This rule came from during the years of Soviet oppression and rarely applies now)
• Not serve in the military or accept any weapons from the government or prison authority (police baton). (Again this rule is traditional and rarely applies today, in fact, Vor control the black market, which is discharged Soviet weapons)
• Make good on promises given to other thieves.
• Never deny his Vor status directly. To the questions like ‘Are you a Vor?’ or ‘Who are you for life?’,[6] a vor should always answer: “Yes (I am a vor)”, even if asked by police and videotaped. The latter question phrase is ritual and video footage containing the answer is commonly used by the Russian militsiya to illustrate vory arrests in the media. (Not common in post-Soviet times)
The above code is no longer in use besides the standard prison code of ethics of not cooperating with prison authorities or informing on your fellow inmates. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, author of The Gulag Archipelago, claimed never to have seen any thief honor the code if it conflicted with his personal criminal wants.[

2nd Excerpt:


Disappointment painted her delicate features from the furrow of her thick, arched brows to the twist of her full mouth. Like an equestrian dismounting her horse, she raised her body and threw her leg over him. The suction of their bodies separating caused a twinge in between her thighs. Shaking her head, she pulled the comforter over her, knocking papers to the floor.
Her voice was weak now. “Dmitry, we’ve been seeing each other for a year, and still you give me the same answer.”
Running a hand through his blonde locks, Dmitry shrugged. “Because I still feel the same way that I did about you a year ago. That should be a good sign.”
“It’s not,” she snapped quickly. “What did Catherine have that I do not? You married her.”
Dmitry’s eyes bucked. “This is not the same situation, and you know it. And I know that you know it because I have painstakingly explained it to you over a thousand times.”
“You say that you married her for money, but that can’t be. You say her name with too much reverence, like she walked on water.” Disgusted, she pushed toward the end of the bed. “If it was a marriage of convenience, then you wouldn’t behave the way that you do.”
“Please. I beg you. Let’s not do this,” he groaned. “We always end up talking about her. It’s a running argument and it’s getting old.”
“Here is something new then. I want more,” she said abruptly, knowing that his next question would more than likely be what do you want from me? Beating him to it was somehow less painful for her.
The words instantly drained Dmitry. More…More…MORE.
“You’re at the top of the food chain at Hutton. I give you everything that you want, although you can now afford it on your own. I shower you with affection. Nearly everywhere that I am, you are. I’m letting you work these crazy ass deals in Angola for your father. And I do care for you.” He said so without strain in his voice, but Dmitry felt a headache coming on, the kind that only a woman could cause.
She dismissed his long list of gifts. “But you don’t love me,” she said, standing up.

“And I’ve reached a point in my life where I need to be loved by someone. And I want to know why it cannot be you.”
Dmitry was lost for words. She just would not stop. He could see that now. Nothing that he could say would pacify her.
Picking up the papers around the bed, he threw them on the nightstand and pulled up his pants to cover his withering erection. “I’m sorry, Elsa,” he said with finality.
“Is it so hard to love me?” she asked one more time.
“It’s not you,” Dmitry answered honestly. “I’m just not equipped right now to love anyone.”
“Anyone else,” she said, correcting him. “You loved her.”
His voice grew sterner despite himself. “My relationship with Catherine is not up for discussion, here. Whether I loved her or not has no bearing on the way that I feel about you,” Dmitry said, getting frustrated. “We’ve had this discussion over and over and it just goes nowhere. Why do you continue?”
“Because you won’t let us go anywhere,” Elsa said, slightly raising her voice. She stood in the sunlight from the open window and looked at him. “We’re stagnant, stuck right here in this place in our relationship. You refuse to give any part of yourself, just your possessions.”
“We’re all here for a purpose, Elsa. You’re here because it benefits you, and I’m here because it benefits me. We knew our constraints before we ever started this relationship. The fact that it has not changed means that unlike the other men in your life, I have not gone back on my word.”
“Don’t use that!” Elsa screamed. Tears streamed down her high cheeks. “Don’t use other men in my life as a reason for why you shouldn’t give me any more than you already have! It’s not fair! I’m not asking for more money, damn you. I’m asking for your heart!” Her face was awash with painful tears that had built up for the last year and now erupted unexpectedly.
Dmitry looked up at her, stunned by her outburst. Silence filled the room. Raising his brow, he stood up beside the bed and gathered his fleeting composure. “Alright. This conversation is over. I’m going for a run,” he said, walking toward the walk-in closet. “I need to clear my head.”
Elsa watched the giant as he opened the double doors to the over-stocked closet and began to cry.
“You should get ready,” Dmitry said voice low. “You don’t want to miss your flight.”
“So you’re going to ignore me?” Elsa asked, wiping her face.
The muscles in his back tensed. Grabbing a t-shirt and jogging pants from the wooden dresser, he spoke softly. “I’m not ignoring you. I just don’t want to fight.” In his own way, he was pleading with her, knowing that if she pushed him any further, she’d just push him away.
“You just don’t want to talk,” she said, walking toward him. “It gives the other person too much control. If you have to be questioned about anything, then you just end the conversation.”
Dmitry pulled down his pajamas and kicked them across the closet, unleashing a little frustration. “It’s not about control.” He paused for a minute and looked down at the marble floor. “It’s about the fact that I told you where I stood, and you want to move me from that, but you can’t.” He clenched his jaw and turned halfway towards her. “I’m sorry if this isn’t enough, but it is all that I can give you.” He started to dress again.
“It’s all that you want to give,” she spat. “But I know that there is more in you, Dmitry. I’ve seen it. You have the capacity to love; you just refuse to do so. Why? Is it that I’m black?”
Dmitry rolled his eyes. He wouldn’t dignify that accusation with an answer.
“Is it because of Vladimir?” she fished.
Without a word, Dmitry bent down and slipped on his black Jockeys. As the thick elastic slapped around his rock hard abs, he turned fully towards her. His face was calm, almost emotionless. Inside, he was near a volcanic eruption of emotion, but he refused to show an ounce of it.

Thinking of his dead father, his stepdaughter and the mother of his brother’s child, Emma Hutton and the separation of both her and her brother from his dead wife Catherine, all the back alley deals and all the dead people, his missing son, Alexandria. His mother. And how fucked up Ivan had become. It was all too much.
Feeling himself slipping with each second, he finally pushed all of the thoughts out of his head.
“I’m not getting married ever again. I’m not having children with you. I’m not falling in love. It’s not good for the person who has to suffer through it with me. Consider it a favor to you, if that will make you feel better, but I have my reasons and my responsibilities,” he said, deep voice nearly in a whisper. “If this isn’t enough,” he raised the palms of his hands towards the ceiling, muscles bulging and tattoos on display, “Then maybe you should find someone else. I won’t stop you. I won’t try to hurt you or take anything away from you. You can keep your position in the company. Nothing will change, except that maybe you can find someone who can love you properly.”
Dmitry’s cool exterior only made Elsa angrier. She was good enough to bed, good enough to sit at the head of his boardroom table, but not enough to marry and have a family with.
“You know. You try to pretend that you are so different from Ivan, but you’re not. You’re just a quieter, smarter, more methodical sociopath,” she said, eyes narrowed and blazing.


So the question in the post finally comes out. Do you think that Elsa should have been pushing Dmitry towards marriage? Please no spoilers without a spoiler alert up top of your statement.


Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Guilty of Corruption

I can’t even say anymore, just read the article. I’m so sad right now.  We  put so much trust into Nagin after the storms and we needed so much help.  I say “we” because the citizens of New Orleans are American Citizens, Southern Citizens, the whole nine.  I do hope that this is not all true.  I hope that he has been set up.  Even as I write this, I hear my readers saying, “Wishful thinking, Latrivia.”  What is really going on in the world, Craig? He could have made $60,000 writing a good book about his experiences there in New Orleans during the Hurricane.  Geesh!!!

By Elizabeth Chuck

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was convicted Wednesday of accepting bribes and free trips from contractors in exchange for helping them clinch millions of dollars in city work when he was in office.

Prosecutors in the federal corruption case alleged Nagin took bribes worth more than $500,000 through various criminal acts, starting before Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 and continuing through the storm’s recovery.

Nagin, a Democrat who was mayor for two terms from 2002 to 2010, denied he took any bribes. He faced a 21-count indictment, and was found guilty of 20 counts. The counts ranged from conspiracy to filing a false tax return.

Read the indictment

One of the most egregious charges Nagin was found guilty of was accepting $60,000 from an engineering firm, Three Fold Consulting, in exchange for special treatment. The lone charge he was found not guilty of was a separate bribery charge: accepting a $10,000 bribe arranged by a principal in Three Fold Consultants.

Nagin, 57, faces more than 20 years in prison. His sentencing date has not yet been set. U.S. District Judge Ginger Berrigan ordered him to be under house arrest until the sentencing, WDSU in New Orleans reported.

The jury deliberated for about six and a half hours before delivering the verdict.

First published February 12th 2014, 12:59 pm

First Lady Michelle Obama Killed in her ballgown last night!!!

Michelle Obama wears Carolina Herrera gown at state dinner

Michelle Obama wears Carolina Herrera gown at state dinner

I can’t give you an actual account of what happened at last night’s state dinner because I wasn’t there. LOL. To say that I was invited but I had other things to do is like choosing to stay home and wash your hair the day of rapture. But I still kept up with all the excitement. I love most things French and was excited about the President of France coming to the states. Then there was a star-studded event worthy of a good romance novella all by it self. But what impressed me the most was not our debonair President or the celebrities, it was First Lady Michelle Obama’s dress. Damn, the girl killed it and I’m so proud of her. First Lady Obama is one of those women whom I just absolutely am proud of Monday through Sunday and she couldn’t have picked a better dress or hairstyle than last night’s for the big State Dinner. Read more below, but that was just my account on what I didn’t see for myself (snicker).

ABC News’ Chris Good: “Citizen-Stars Of The State Dinner” For the most part, Tuesday night’s state dinner was a star-studded affair. Marking the visit of French President Francois Hollande, President Obama and his French counterpart toasted each other’s countries before a lavish meal at the White House, and before an entertainment- and political-celebrity-filled crowd that included the likes of Bradley Cooper and his supermodel girlfriend, Mindy Kaling, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, outgoing NBA Commissioner David Stern, Stephen Colbert, and members of Congress and cabinet secretaries. LINK

USA Today’s Maria Puente: “Obamas Bid Bon Appetit To Hollande (And Bradley Cooper)” Guess who came to dinner at the White House state affair for French President François Hollande? Well, besides Bradley Cooper. Well, besides Bradley Cooper. Not Hollande’s wife, because he doesn’t have one. Not his gorgeous girlfriends, because he’s already dumped two of them. And not his current gorgeous girlfriend, because, well, she’s just too new to display to the Yanks, already agog at the details of his complicated romantic life. But the show must go on when it’s a grand state dinner at stake, and so President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama welcomed a solo Hollande for tonight’s gala at the White House, where the celebrity guests included French-speaking heartthrob movie star Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse. LINK

Another hot first lady look…
Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Margarita Zavala, Felipe Calderon

The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: V6 Cover Revealed

The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: V6 by Latrivia Nelson

The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: V6 by Latrivia Nelson

Latrivia Nelson Steps into 2014

Latrivia Nelson and Bruce Welch

Latrivia Nelson and Bruce Welch

At the stroke of midnight, I was on the phone with Shag, while he told me that he loved me as he was working. I was in route to the party we both we soon be at in the late hours of the night. Our promise to ourselves was simple…We would no longer allow ourselves to be controlled by other people and their demands of us.

We had endured a tough year (1) the loss of our unborn child, (2) the craziness of past relationships, (3) near death experiences, (4) cleaning up the garage…and the list goes on. But we made it. Now it’s a new year, and a lot has changed. I went from the Sr. Account Services at the firm that I work for to the Senior Account Executive (big jump), I’ve got a load of new material to release for the Latrivia Nelson brand and more than anything, I’m actually thinking outside of the box.

The key, however, is to be consistent. You have to think outside of the box on a continual basis. Not easy. Not easy at all. It’s like sticking your big toe in the water but not following through with getting in, even if the water is just right. So this year, I’m diving in.

To prove it, I’m sharing something with you. Here is the rough, rough, rough draft of the Prologue of The Chronicles of Young Dmitry: Volume 6. I refuse to miss out on one more opportunity to share with you, because no one is promised tomorrow.

How are you stepping into 2014? I’d love to hear, so please share.

XoXo and all that jazz,

The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov
Volume 6

By: Latrivia S. Nelson
Confidential Copy


Midnight, Private Airstrip
Manhattan (New York City, NY)

After a physically and mentally exhausting flight from Prague, Dmitry Medlov stepped off his shiny, new private Learjet in a private Manhattan hangar with five of his best men in tow and planted his long limbs on solid ground.


It felt good to be out of the confinement of the stuffy plane and back on the earth’s surface again. He’d never truly been fond of planes, because it took away too much control and put it in the hands of another; although at the same time, planes were an absolute necessity for his way of life. So were the bodyguards and the armored cars and the guns and so many other things, he would have been happy to live without had he had another life. A simple life. But that was wishful thinking.

Three black bulletproof SUVs were waiting outside of the hangar for the men along with his eager-to-please Brighton Beach team. All of the men on the team were young, barely in their thirties, dying to be in charge or at least to be recognized. They greeted him with the customary respects, shocked to see the boss in the flesh.

Although he was tired, he made sure to shake every man’s hand, even though he didn’t have to. It was unbelievable what a man would risk if shown a little respect. Over the years, just shaking a man’s hand had led them to dive in front of bullets for him, knowing that they would not survive. And what did it take to get them to sacrifice themselves? A little kindness. But that had been learned not taught sense, something that had come at a hefty price.

“Boss, you’re here,” Semyon said, opening the door for him to the SUV.

Dmitry paused at the door and looked at Semyon. “I want you on your best behavior.”

Semyon tilted his head. “Of course, boss.”

Although Dmitry loaded up, no part of him wanted to sit for a second longer. He would have walked in the night’s air, if he had the time.

His body ached in places that only a man of his age could, longing for a steaming hot bath and a warm bed, but he knew that his attention needed to be in other places at the moment, namely on his more than defiant daughter, Anya.

In a word, she was out of control.

And as a result, so was he.

Only, he denied himself any reason to show it. He couldn’t give her that power over the situation.
Another power struggle.

Life was full of them.

After an explosive argument that he and his oldest daughter had the day before about her desire to start running a part of his business that she should have neither known about nor in her right mind wanted anything to do with, she had packed her things and left the country.

The country.

It was a move that only proved to him that she was still an immature child, even if she was now technically a woman. However, his wife had begged to differ, rationalizing that his tyrant-like hold on Anya’s life was the reason that she had chosen to flee.

Who would blame her, Royal had reasoned.

Women all stuck together, no matter the age.

Again, it all came back to being his fault. The very notion that all that he had done to keep her safe had been not only unappreciated but completely overlooked made him want to show everyone what real immaturity looked like, but it wouldn’t have done any good. Anya had a hold on him, whether he admitted to it or not.

To keep the family from knowing her exact whereabouts, Anya had chartered a flight across the ocean using her own money, but what she hadn’t counted on was the chip that Dmitry had installed in the diamond bracelet that she was still wearing. It had been necessary after he had found out about her secret relationship with Semyon and her proposed marriage to the prince who would remain nameless.
Within one mission in mind, they headed in a tight convoy towards NYU’s campus. As soon as Dmitry heard where she had traveled to, he knew exactly where to look for her. And after one call, he had gotten an address. There was only one person whom she’d travel thousands of miles to cry to, her childhood friend, and one of the sons of his most trusted confidants, Adamo Agosto.


Twisting the cap off a cold beer and throwing it on the coffee table in the living room, Adamo plopped down on his brown leather sofa, put the pillow on his lap, and grabbed the remote.
It was a perfect Saturday night, and here he was watching The Godfather trilogy and babysitting. What a life? He should have been out hanging with his friends or crawling into bed with strange women, just like his brother Madison was doing at that moment, but Anya needed him.

She had shown up on his doorstep unannounced and alone the night before, interrupting his session with Apple, a California blonde named for Silicon Valley’s most coveted technology and shaped like a vintage coke bottle, whom he had devoted two very long weeks to getting in bed. The entire courtship had been all for naught, seeing that he had to throw her out on her ass when Anya came storming in teary eyed and upset.

Apple had been his weekend plan, but Anya had been his friend most of his life.

Now, it would take days to line up something else; time that he didn’t have. Major exams were coming up starting Monday morning, and he had to produce good grades or his old man would have his ball sack. If he could recall correctly, his father had used those exact words in his threat.
So help me if you don’t get those grades, I’ll have your ball sack on my rearview mirror for Christmas, his father had threatened.

Reason enough for any sensible young man to take his classes seriously.

“Do you feel like some company?” Anya asked, standing at the top of the spiral staircase that led to the bedroom. Her voice hummed through the air like a summer breeze.

Adamo looked up from the sofa and spied her in one of his dress shirts. It was like a jolting shock to his inner wolf, and suddenly he was begging to get out. True, they had seen each other plenty of times naked when they were kids playing in the backyard of his parents’ home with the water hose, but this was no child that he was beholding.

Anya was all woman, all curves and sensuality. Her long black mane flowed like a black river down past her shoulders and her killer body peaked out of the Brooks Brothers pin stripe making him nearly forget that she was at least like his sister. Her perky large breasts pressed hard against the fine fabric and flawless firm long legs anchored her stealthy frame. And even in the shirt that tried to dwarf her, he could see wide hips and a remarkable tiny waist.

Absolute perfection.

Absolutely untouchable.

He moved the bottle from his mouth absently and swallowed hard. His large Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat. “Sure,” he croaked in a deep southern baritone. He moved over on the sofa quickly and tapped the cushion. “Bring a throw with you. It can get chilly with the ceiling fan.” He couldn’t take his gaze off the still, diamond-like blueness of her sultry eyes.

Look away, he told himself quietly.

“You sure? I don’t want to intrude any more than I already have,” she said in her weird English and Russian accent.

Even after many years of spending time back and forth in the states, Anya sounded extremely foreign to Adamo.

“Hell, you’ve already intruded more than you should have. Might as well go the whole way.” He knew that she knew he was playing.

“I’ll be right down.” Anya smiled gently, almost with a hint of flirtation, and disappeared back in the room to grab the covers. As she did, Adamo caught a glimpse of her white lace panties from his low vantage point. He liked white.

His brow spiked in curiosity, but he quickly shut it off. “It’s Anya for Pete’s sake. Get a hold of yourself,” he mumbled under his breath.

“What did you say?” she called out from the bedroom.

“Umm…nothing,” Adamo said, looking down at his lap. This would have all gone better if Anya had just shown up a little later last night. Apple would have cured what was suddenly ailing him.
Trailing down the staircase with the throw in her hands, she stopped midway when his doorbell rang.

“Are you expecting anyone?” she asked, staring at the black wooden door.

Adamo stood up. “I’m never expecting anyone,” he said, walking across the room. “But that doesn’t mean shit.”

Anya wanted to tell him not to answer it, but kept her lips pursed closed.

“Who is it?” Adamo asked, looking through the peephole. He looked back at her and shook her head. “It’s your dad,” he said with a sigh. Great, more drama for the night. Just what he needed. All he was missing was the angry boyfriend.

“Shit,” Anya said, heading back upstairs. “Stall him.”

“Uh huh.” Adamo waited until she closed the bedroom door before he opened the front door. “What’s up, old man,” he said with a smile.

Dmitry looked down at Adamo, shirtless and wearing basketball shorts and growled. “I’m here for Anya,” he said, breezing past him.

Adamo stood to the side and let his NBA sized entourage inside. Closing the door behind them, he ran a hand through his black curls. “I can’t say that I didn’t expect you. Where there is one Medlov…there are normally many more.”

“I could say the same for the Agosto’s,” Dmitry quipped.

Standing in the middle of the open room, Dmitry looked around the little loft apartment, complete with New York Yankees memorabilia hanging on the exposed brick walls, a bike in the corner and tons of old textbooks lined up on the bookshelves. A typical college apartment. “Where is she?” he asked flatly. He took off his suit jacket and laid it on the recliner adjacent to the sofa.

Adamo pointed. “Upstairs changing,” he said, locking eyes with Semyon, who was standing right beside him, glaring at him. “What’s up with your guard dog?”

Semyon’s eye twitched and the veins in his neck protruded out.

Dmitry walked into the small kitchen and grabbed a glass out of the cupboard, like he had been there a hundred times before. Leaning against the counter, he sipped the water and looked out the window at the Manhattan skyline. “How is your family?” he asked, ignoring Adamo’s snide remark.

Adamo was about to respond when the dog finally spoke.

“Just another fucking spoiled American suka,” Semyon snarled. He stepped closer to Adamo.
“Suka?” Adamo turned and looked up at Semyon, blue eyes blazing. “Who are you calling a bitch, bitch? You better take that shit outside.”

“Boys,” Dmitry said, slightly raising his voice. He glanced over at them with a warning glare. He wasn’t here for them to measure their dicks. He was here for his daughter.

Both men backed down, but only because of Dmitry’s command. Otherwise, they would have already been at each other’s throats.

Adamo had been around Russians most of his life, so the intimidation factor had long gone out the window, and he spoke the language fluently, knew the customs, understood the underworld. Plus, if one added in the factor that he was also an interracial child born out of a marriage of a black woman and a white man, Italian in fact, then he’d had hard knocks enough. As such, he had become hardened over the years. He was his own man, ready to stand when needed against anyone who got in his way.

“You didn’t answer my question,” Dmitry said in a low even tone.

“Pop is good. He and mom took a vacation to Cabo,” Adamo finally answered Dmitry, while at the same time stepping away from Semyon before he lost his cool. “My brothers are scattered out. Madison transferred up here to NYU this semester. Michael and David are all stars on the football team back home. Rosalyn and Sadiri are both boy crazed middle schoolers. We’re all just one big happy family,” Adamo said, walking into the kitchen. He opened the frig and pulled out another beer. “Want one?” He offered the bottle to Dmitry.

“It’s odd watching you even offer me that,” Dmitry said, taking the beer. “Just a minute ago, you were a child running around my house with your brothers.”

Adamo grabbed one for himself. “Well, I had to grow up sometime.” He took a sip and looked back over at Semyon critically. “You sure that he should be here when she comes out? She was pretty upset when she arrived.”

“Why wouldn’t he be?” Dmitry asked, looking over at Semyon, who had his eyes locked on Adamo’s closed bedroom door.

“He’s part of the problem,” Adamo said, intentionally not lowering his voice.

“Lovers often are,” Dmitry said with finality.

Adamo bucked his eyes. “Him?” He shook his head in disbelief. “What happened to Prince Pussy pants?”
The bedroom door opened and Anya emerged fully dressed. As soon as her hand touched the banister, she locked eyes on Semyon. Even in his brooding silence, he dominated the room and her attention.
Without intention, her mouth parted when she saw him. His deep tan skin glistened with sheer anger. Looking over at Adamo and back at her, he raised a brow.

“No,” she said, rolling her eyes. “He’s just a friend.”

The tension left his wide mountainous shoulders. Licking his deep rose lips, he gave her another look, one that was mixed with relief and need. Semyon headed up the staircase towards her. Then he remembered himself. Gritting his teeth, he looked over at Dmitry. “Boss, may I have a word with her alone?”

Dmitry placed the beer down carefully on the countertop and walked back out where she could see him.

“Daddy,” Anya said, straightening up. “How did you find me?”

“Boys, why don’t you all step outside,” Dmitry said, temper quietly flaring. He kept his eyes on Anya. “I need to speak to my daughter alone and unlike Semyon; I don’t have the energy to hike up a flight of stairs.”

Adamo opened the frig again and pulled out the rest of his beers. “I guess I’ll be outside then,” he said, walking to the front door.

Semyon looked at Anya one last time and then headed out of the door behind Adamo.

As soon as the door closed, Anya came down the stairs. “I needed some time,” she said before Dmitry could speak.

“You were throwing a fit. Stomping your feet won’t solve anything with me, Anya. You have to know that by now.”

Anya raised a finger. “I was not stomping my feet.”

“Really?” Dmitry said, lifting his palms in the air. “We’re in New York. You left the country because you were upset.”

“I needed to get some distance between myself and my situation,” she said in a matter of fact tone. “But you can’t understand that because you’re too busy still trying to control me.”

“Are you trying to provoke me?” Dmitry asked, voice even. He put a large hand on his hip.

“No, I’m trying to…”

Dmitry cut her off. “Don’t. If you try, I might just get provoked.”

“Then what, Daddy? I’m not a Vor. You can’t have me killed because I don’t want to do exactly as I’m told.”

Dmitry smiled. “Clever girl. You think I’m out of options, don’t you.” He shook his head. “I’m far from it. You will do as I have instructed because I have instructed it.”

“I will not,” she said calmly. She clenched her jaw. “I’ve decided that I’m not going back with you. So, you’ve wasted a trip. And I won’t come back until you hear out my proposal. It’s a good proposal…”

“It’s ridiculous. You running my London affairs? Have you gone mad? No women are on the council. No women run entire outfits. You’re a child.”

“I’m not a child,” she said, snapping back at him. “I haven’t been a child since the day that Davyd was killed.” She fought tears as she said his name.

Dmitry pointed a finger at her. “You will not place yourself in harm’s way by running London.
Viktor is running London, and he’s doing fine as my…”

“Viktor is dead,” Anya interrupted said, voice lower. “And I assure you, he’s not fine.”
Dmitry’s brow furrowed. “What?” Did he hear her right? Why had he not been informed?

“I killed him,” Anya said, eyes darkening. She walked around the sofa toward her father. “Before I flew here, I stopped in London, and I met with him at his house, where I confronted him about his dealings with Hashed Nadir, and then I killed him after he basically admitted to stealing from us to fund activities that we don’t support, specifically terrorism. He was helping fund and fuel a civil war with our weapons and with our money.”

“If you had been in London, I would have known about it. If Viktor was dead, I would know about it,” Dmitry growled.

“Because of the diamond bracelet?” she asked, raising her wrist. It reflected in the light. “One plane came straight to New York with the bracelet on it. One plane went to London. And the reason that you don’t know about Viktor is because his men are dead also.”

Dmitry saw a glint in his daughter’s eyes that reminded him of a man he once knew. Even now, she bore his resemblance.

“Am I really to believe that a little girl killed my men?” Dmitry sucked his teeth. “Who helped you?” He looked toward the door as if to implicate Semyon.

Anya drew her father’s attention. “He wouldn’t have, even if I had begged him. He’s loyal to you way past a fault. And none of your men would have stood with me for fear of you, even though Viktor was a sorry excuse for a man and a traitor. The order didn’t come from you, so I had no help.”

“How many?” Dmitry asked.

“Five,” Anya said without flinching.

He thought it hard to believe that his daughter was capable of such a thing.

“They weren’t expecting it. That’s what made it easy,” she explained. “If they had even an inkling of an idea that I came there to kill them, then I’m sure that I’d be dead.” Still, she did not flinch.

“You only get that kind of advantage once. Eventually, your innocent façade will wear off and people will see you for what you are. No more surprises. No more advantages. Then where will you be?”

“And just what am I exactly, daddy?” she asked.

Dmitry walked up to her and rubbed her face. “You’re a Medlov.”

“Then give me the opportunity to prove it. My brothers have no desire to run anything outside of Anatoly. He’s got the States and everything on that side of the glob locked. But London…” Her eyes were bright. “We have so many growth opportunities in Europe.”
Dmitry’s shoulder’s slumped. “It kills me when I can’t give you what you want…”

“But…” She urged him to finish his sentence.

“But this is one of those times that I’ll just have to be unhappy. The Vor has no place for women and absolutely no place for my daughter. This family has billions of dollars at its disposable because I did the heavy lifting years before you were born. As a result there are even more opportunities…legal opportunities…for you to explore than most of the entire world put together. So you see, I can’t indulge this desire you have to live recklessly at everyone else’s expense. I appreciate your dealings with Viktor, and I will be following up on everything that you said, but if you are caught inserting yourself into my business again, then I’ll be forced to take drastic steps.”

“So because I am a woman…”

Dmitry cut her off. “You are my daughter. You will do as I say. This discussion is over. Now, I have rooms for us at the Waldorf. We’re leaving and going their now. And upon your arrival, you will call your mother and let her know that you are safe again.”

“I was safe before,” she snapped, stepping away from him. “I can’t believe after everything that I just told you, it still boiled down to a no answer. Do you think that my spoiled ass baby brothers are going to lead the next generation of men? Or Demi?” she laughed facetiously. “Anatoly isn’t exactly raising the next Czar. Gabriel never had a blind man’s chance in the first place and if you even think about selecting Semyon over me…” Her nostrils flared.

Dmitry smacked his lips and looked away from her. “You’re too power hungry for your own good, Anya,” he warned.

“It worked out well for you, didn’t it. Heavy lifting aside, you made out pretty well from the slums of Moscow to where you are now.”

“Do you think that you really have what it takes to lead at all costs?” he asked, stone faced.

“Yes,” she answered quickly.

“Fine,” Dmitry said, pulling his gun from the holster under his tailored suit jacket. The steel weapon gleemed across the room. “What if Semyon is the only thing standing in the way of you and your coveted position? When I was your age, I would have simply killed him. Got him out of the way.” He put the cold steel in her manicured hands. “Not much has changed since that time when it comes to life and power. If you want the Vory so badly, go and get it. He won’t be expecting it either. Blow his brains out and if you’re afraid of Adamo being a witness, then kill him too.”
Anya looked at the gun and then shoved it back toward him.

“What’s the matter?” Dmitry asked, taunting her.

“You would really let me kill them. Both of them. I know it,” she said pissed.

“That’s the point. The Vory v Zakone has no place for love,” Dmitry said, acknowledging the fact that he knew about covert but blooming relationship that she was having with Semyon.

“Who said anything about love?” she snapped.

“If I have to tell you how I know, this conversation is going to take a drastic turn. Now, I’m still your father dammit.” His teeth showed

Like a deer in headlights, Anya stood in shock. “How did you know?” she asked. “Did he tell you?”
“No. He did not tell me, though it did nearly cost him his life.”
Anya’s eyebrows immediately spiked.

Dmitry continued with a low ease in his voice. “Besides, it’s my business to know.” He bit his wide heart-shaped lips, contemplating just how much to tell her. “I may not always have a close enough eye on my men, Viktor being a prime example, but you aren’t one of my men, and I have to keep you safe and keep both eyes on you.” He sucked his teeth. “Would you make an excellent Czar? Absolutely. Will you make an excellent Czar? Hell no. It will be over my dead, rotting body.” He thought instantly of his father.

“As usual, your word is the last word father,” she said snidely. Her eyes were ice cold as was the sudden chill in the room.

Dmitry countered quickly. “And as usual, you only see your side.”
With that Anya threw her black backpack over her shoulder and cut her eyes at her father, realizing that at that moment he was getting exactly what he wanted while she was left empty handed yet again. “You’re making a mistake,” she said, walking to the door. “I’m your best chance for the future of the Medlov family and you know it.”

Dmitry followed a few feet behind her with his hands tucked into his pants pockets. She could say whatever she wanted now that she was in his view, unable to get into any more trouble. “If I have to chose a fallen legacy in organized crime or the health and protection of my daughter, then I think that the answer is obvious.”

Anya opened the door and turned to look up at her father. “The problem is that you don’t have to choose. You can have both.”

“That’s the child in you speaking, Anya. Serving two masters has consequences.”

Dmitry immediately thought back to when he was her age and a young woman he was seeing taught him first hand about serving two masters and having two faces.

Even after all of the years that had passed, he could see her bright perfect smile and how when the light hit her beautiful flawless face just right, the damage and bagged showed. Her eyes told the story of a woman who had been through too much, had been hurt by the ones she trusted the most.
The result had been inward destruction. Somehow Elsa had begun to rot from within; only he hadn’t noticed it in time to save her. He had accepted that, but he would never accept what Anya was proposing.

He couldn’t and wouldn’t let that happen to his daughter. Despite Anya’s desire to fight against it, she still had a more good in her than anyone else he knew. And it was his job to protect it, to bring it out of her, even if it was the last thing that he did.

When will V6 be released? We are tired of waiting?


Everyone should recognize where their strengths and weaknesses are.  It makes you a better person.  I have a lot of strengths but my weakness is that I want so badly to give readers a book until sometimes, I forget to give myself breathing room for life.  Simply put, I look at a calendar, say Oh, I can get a book out by then,” without ever really taking into account things like root canals, kiddie homework, crazy office work and Trivi’s occasional writing block.

When I started V6, I knew exactly what I wanted, but after I got more than half way done, I hated it.  It didn’t capture me at all. In fact, it didn’t capture Dmitry. So I threw out the entire story and started again.  Now, I’m feeling it. I like the story and I like where it’s going, but when am I going to be done?  Hell if I know.  It won’t be a long story.  It’s not designed to be.  V6 is all about outlining that pivotal point of no turning back for Dmitry and Ivan (and all the bystanders around them).

So, I wanted to let you know that I’m working on it, but it’s not there yet.  It will be soon.   However, please bare in mind that the synopsis is still the same.

How soon? Well, that’s how I get into this the first time.  I’ll never give a date again (PROMISE).  I’ll just let you know when it’s done and ready for you to order or download.

But I promise to keep you updated.  In fact, I will put up the prologue in a couple of days for you to read and see where it’s all headed.  Of course, it’s a rough, rough draft, but it will still be fun!


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A Little Truth to Volume 1 of The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov

flatecover-4Some of my readers have expressed to me that forging documents and getting out of a maximum facility prison (in Russia) seems highly unlikely.  And as you remember, Dmitry did just that to get his freedom when he was barely 18 with the help of outside Vory v Zakone members.  I had actually gotten the information after researching bribes that had been made in Russian right before the fall of the USSR.  Well, today in reading some Internet news, I found an article that supports my story (in America) that I’d love to share with you.

Check this out…

Authorities are searching for two men who they say were mistakenly released from a Florida prison earlier this year.

ORLANDO, Fla. — Authorities say two men convicted on murder charges were mistakenly released from a Florida prison with forged documents.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office says Joseph Jenkins and Charles Walker were released separately from a prison in the Florida Panhandle in late September and early October. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement learned about the mistake Tuesday.

Walker was serving a life sentence on a second-degree murder conviction. Jenkins was serving a prison sentence for a 1998 first-degree murder conviction. According to the sheriff’s office, both convictions stemmed from crimes committed in Orange County.

The Florida Department of Corrections says the men were released based on forged documents filed with the court to alter their sentences.

State and local authorities are searching for the men and investigating how they got released.


Ten Questions for Author Latrivia S. Nelson

By: Gina Morris


1.       How would you describe yourself?

I’m a pretty laid back person.  What you see is what you get.  I love my family, my friends, my professional career and my hobbies.


2.       What do you do outside of writing?

I’m the President and CEO of RiverHouse Publishing.  I am a partner in a national cleaning service.  And from 9-5, I represent some of the nation’s most promising businesses, political figures, non-profits and initiatives at a world-class public relations firm.


3.    What made you start to write interracial romance?

I’ve been writing since I was four.  I had my first poem published when I was five.  I started to write interracial romance in high school and finally committed to my first novel in undergrad.  I have always been drawn to the genre and felt like the only way to truly share my vision of IR was to write it.


4.       How did you grow such a large readership?

I started out with 50 people whom I had to beg to write my book.  Then I developed a small grassroots marketing plan and started to reach out to IR readers.  My base went from 50 to 500 overnight and now it is at 50,000 readers globally.  Three of my basic tenets is to respond to emails, encourage open and honest dialogue and write to entertain.  I always want my readers to know that I appreciate them and their opinions and their support.  So, I do what I can to show that through my communications.

images-5 copy

5.       Is it true that you’ve dated Russian mobsters?

It’s true that I’ve dated a Russian. The rest is funny fiction.  I don’t know where the rumor started, but it was shortly after a post that my ex put on my page who also happened to be a 6’8”, blue-eyed Russian.  He was the muse for the book, but the rest is just an overactive imagination.


6.       With over 10,000 reviews online on combined sites, most people seem to either love you or hate you.  How do you handle bad reviews?

I read the reviews to gather input, but I have learned to only take the good from even the worst review.  One of the things that I remind myself of constantly is that after I’ve done my best, I just need to walk away from the project and move on to something else.  It keeps it fun and light and allows me to keep writing.  Plus, you can’t please everyone.  So, I don’t try.  If I can please the majority, then I’m a happy camper.


7.       What is the process for you writing a novel, whether short or long?

I ask myself if I’d fantasize about the scenario.  And if I would, then I write it. If I get bored with even the thought of the storyline, then I dump it.  There are so many half-finished manuscripts on my desk, until it’s not even funny.  But if I don’t think its good enough, I don’t give it to my readers, because they deserve my best.  I normally start out with an outline, cut out pictures, develop a soundtrack and then depending on the mood of the book, I carve out time during certain parts of the day to write it.


8.       Your divorce was pretty public?  How did you handle it and are you dating now?

I encourage all women and men going through a tough divorce to pray hard and know that this is just a season in your life.  Wake up every day and look forward.  Visualize where you want to be and get there through hard work, prayer and healthy living. It was hard at first. I lost a lot of weight, was sick, got out of my normal schedule and really had to find out who I was without the “Mrs.” on the front of my name.  But in searching for the new me, I discovered that there was a better me around the corner.


Yes, I am dating now.  I’m in a happy relationship with a real “Southern Gentleman”.  LOL.  He’s funny and smart, but I think that outside of what he brings to the table, I’m a whole person, so we can mutually complement each other. You can’t do that when you don’t have it together yourself.  There will always be one step forward and two steps back.  But Trivi is okay now.


Plus, I like that every day with him is exciting.  We are both parents, both divorced and both anxious to see what life has in store for us.  Hopefully, what is in store will be something that we can enjoy together.


9.       Do readers have new characters to look forward to in 2014?

The Medlov Men will be out in January.  The Nine Lives of Kat Steele will be out in 2014.  And there will be new characters will completely different stories for The Lonely Heart Series.


10.   What’s next for you?  You’ve accomplished so much in a short time.  What else are you looking to achieve?


In 2014, I will be trying my hand at merchandising through a new company that I’m launching.  Trivi’s Treasure Chest.  There will be more to come on that, but I hope that the ladies like it.


The next set of questions are meant strictly for entertainment.  So have fun with it.



Favorite Clothing Line



Favorite Perfume

Acqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani


Favorite Flower

Red Roses


Favorite Movie

Too hard.  My list is too long.


Favorite Sport/Team

Football – Dallas Cowboys


Favorite Alcoholic Beverage

Jack and Coke in a crystal tumbler with two cubes of ice


Favorite Vacation Spot

Looking for a new one, but I’d have to say Palm Springs, California. I love the mountains and the amazing views.


Favorite Song

Beyoncé  – Run the World (Girls)


Favorite Color



Favorite Body Part on a Man?

His chest and arms (they have to be bigger than life)


Favorite part of the day

Running a hot bubble bath in the garden tub right at dusk, opening the windows, having a glass of wine and listening to Robin Thicke.  It’s priceless.




Most Dangerous State in the Country: Tennessee



Staggering Stats:

1. Tennessee

> Violent crimes per 100,000: 643.6

> Poverty rate: 17.9%

> Pct. of population with bachelor’s degree or higher: 24.3%

> Property crimes per 100,000: 3,371.4 (10th highest)

Tennessee has the dubious distinction of having the worst violent crime rate in the country. The state was among the top 10 in the country for murders and robberies and was first for aggravated assaults, with an estimated 479.6 for every 100,000 residents. Tennessee’s 41,550 violent crimes in 2012 were up 6.8% from 2011 but down 10% from 2007, when there were 46,380 violent crimes. There were 388 murders in the state in 2012, up for a second straight year. To be fair, Tennessee’s violent streak is concentrated in some of the major metropolitan areas. Memphis‘s violent crime rate was the nation’s fifth worst, while Nashville’s was the 18th worst. Like many states with high violent crime, poverty in Tennessee is acute, and high school and college graduation rates are lower than most of the country.


The Prince is Free


This has nothing to do with anything but it gave me an awesome idea; so I figured I’d share news from across the ocean about one of the world’s most followed royal families.  Plus, I like the Prince.  I think he’s trying to live a life rooted in principalities.  After reading the article, I also had a chance to think outside of the box.   You’ll hear more about it soon enough. For now, congrats Will.

LONDON (AP) — Prince William has finished his tour of duty as a Royal Air Force search-and-rescue helicopter pilot and has left operational service with the British military to focus on royal duties and charity work, royal officials said Thursday.

William’s Kensington Palace office said that the second in line to the British throne completed his final shift earlier this week.

It said he will now focus on royal duties and is “considering a number of options for public service.”

The palace said William, 31, would “expand his work in the field of conservation, particularly in respect of endangered species” and would work on charities that help children and veterans.

William has spent more than seven years in the military, first in the army and then as a Royal Air Force pilot, stationed on the quiet island of Anglesey in north Wales.

He was able to blend in with residents and fellow military personnel, enjoying a degree of privacy despite his royal status.

In July his wife Kate gave birth to the couple’s first child, Prince George. Now that William’s active military career is finished, the family will move into refurbished quarters at Kensington Palace in London. They had been living in a rented home in Anglesey.

William started as an officer cadet at Sandhurst military academy in 2006. He started search and rescue helicopter training three years later.

The palace said he had participated in 156 search and rescue operations, helping to rescue 149 people. He has completed more than 1,300 flying hours.

William’s younger brother, Prince Harry, remains active in the military, and has served in Afghanistan as an Apache helicopter pilot.

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The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 6

A year after Dmitry Medlov makes a deal with his lover/business partner, Elsa, and her father, a general in the Angolan MPLA to provide all of their munitions, he hands over the reigns of the agreement to her fully in order to take on more lucrative and legal ventures in Milan, Italy.

Wrapped up in a huge development deal to build a new skyscraper, he turns his attention away from the Medlov Crime Family to strengthen the newly acquired, Hutton Industries.  Only his trust in those whom he has put in charge is quickly found to be misplaced.

His brother, Ivan, is building an army right under his nose to distribute and sell drugs at his clubs through the very men he was commissioned to kill and his new king maker’s son, Vladimir is helping to destroy him one secretive deal at a time.

Meanwhile, Elsa and Ivan’s wife, Arie, wage war on each other, not only over territory but also over Dmitry’s affection.  When Dmitry discovers all of the backstabbing schemes going on around him, he is forced to make life-changing decisions.

Read the sixth installment of national bestselling Author Latrivia Nelson’s The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov as the famous Russian brothers finally reach the point of no return.

Coming September 30, 2013

Official Fan Page on Facebook

bwSo, I’ve been listening and I’ve been trying to deliver.  And I know that you all are tired of having to sift through personal “stuff” on my pages just to get the basics.  Many of you don’t care what I ate for lunch or hear the chatter between “us” that goes on about why Dmitry’s eyes are a different shade of  blue from Ivan’s.  You just want to know when the next book is coming out, where the next book signing will be,  watch the latest book trailer or interview, post your questions and move on.

In fact, quite a few of you have suggested to me (to the point of asking Megan to get on it) to have a normal Fan Page on Facebook that you can “Like” without having to see 1,000 pictures of my children.  LOL. I get it.  And you know what???!!! It’s finally here.


This page is devoted strictly to readers, very much like the blog and everything else, but again, there are different fans who need different things and I am so happy to help.  I’m grateful for you and as long as I can possibly meet your requests, I will do so.

Here is the link.  “Like” me today, join and stay updated on what’s going on.  Also, feel free to post and share your own book reviews and blog entries.


Also, just to let you know there is a fan page for The World in Reverse, https://www.facebook.com/NicolaAgostoSeries?ref=hl.  Check it out today:-)


XoXo and all that jazz,


Latrivia S. Nelson


Introducing The World in Reverse Book Trailer

I love this part of the book promotion process.  You get a chance to interact with the global community, other authors and spread the word about your work to readers all over the universe (yes, that was dramatic).

The emails that I have received have been so heart warming.  And the love online has been truly overwhelming.  You guys rock!  Encouragement has not only come from readers everywhere (which is so awesome) but also authors who support and promote your work because they want to uplift you – a true sense of sisterhood.  Friends like Sienna Mynx, my entire crew of friends at Beautiful Trouble Publishing and so many more have taken time out to give me a call and spread the word for my first work to be released since the big “D”. So, I’ll just say thank you so much.  You’ll never know how much this means to me.

This marks a new beginning for me, and I’m very honored add to these blessed memories that will last me a lifetime, all of your kind words and support.

And so now, please enjoy the first book trailer from The World in Reverse.

Druglord Update: LIFE

A federal judge in Memphis sentenced multimillionaire Craig Petties, a high-level broker for the Mexican cartel, to nine life sentences during a hearing Thursday. The sentences are to run concurrently. There is no parole in federal prison.

Petties turned with a slight smile and pointed at his family, then turned and pointed to Lucy Turner, the mother of a man who was kidnapped, tortured and murdered. “To my family and to the victim’s family, I apologize for the decisions I’ve made in life.”


Petties, initially arrested by Memphis police in 2001 with an estimated $300,000, fled the country in 2002 and remained in hiding under the protection of the Beltran Leyva cartel.

Abe Collins, a special agent with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, learned that Petties was the major supplier of cocaine into Memphis and other Southern cities, routinely shipping in millions of dollars worth of the drug from Mexico. Collins worked on the case for more than a decade and headed a task force that brought down Petties and more than 40 associates.

Petties members have threatened to kill Collins and Memphis police detective Therman Richardson, who donned dreadlocks and a grill to make undercover drug buys from Petties organization members. Both have said they would do it again to stop someone like Petties.

Petties, arrested by Mexican police in 2008, pleaded guilty in Memphis in 2009 during a secret hearing. Many details about the case remain sealed because Petties and other associates agreed to give government officials information about other crimes that could put them in danger.

Collins and Richardson thwarted at least four murder plots, including ones where money had already been paid to hit men.

Petties pleaded guilty to 19 charges, including trafficking more than a ton of cocaine and marijuana, racketeering, money laundering and ordering four murders, including a government witness. He initially was charged with two additional murders.

“Mr. Petties has committed more serious crimes than anyone I’ve ever sentenced,” said U.S. Dist. Judge Samuel “Hardy” Mays. “The violence is truly reprehensible.”

Turner said as she drove her granddaughter to school today, the girl asked: “Are you going to court for that man who killed my daddy?”

“I’m getting my closure today,” Turner said. “He has damaged so many lives.”

© 2013 Memphis Commercial Appeal. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. 

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Infamous drug lord with ties to bloody Mexican cartel back in Memphis court Thursday




Commercial Appeal Article:

Beth Warren

Craig Petties is used to being in control.

Before his arrest, the infamous drug lord, believed to be one of the richest and most deadly dealers in Memphis history, had an organization of people who followed his orders or paid the price, sometimes with their lives.

Petties, a high school drop out who grew up in the impoverished Riverside neighborhood in South Memphis, emerged as a multimillionaire and ran an international trafficking empire that funneled hundreds of kilos of cocaine and more than a ton of marijuana from Mexico into Tennessee and other Southern states. Anyone who was perceived as a threat to the business — including one of Petties’ beloved cousins — was silenced with bullets.

Now, through two lawyers, the 36-year-old is angling for control of his court case, a dozen years after his initial arrest.

The man who remained a federal fugitive for five years is asking a judge to force prosecutors to shave time off his sentence because he spared them the expense of a trial by pleading guilty in 2009 to racketeering and murder charges, and because he spilled secrets about other crimes to aid other investigations.

U.S. Dist. Judge Samuel “Hardy” Mays is expected to sentence Petties, who faces life in a federal prison, during a hearing Thursday.

Prosecutors are fighting back, arguing during previous court hearings that while Petties has cooperated to some extent, he still isn’t revealing all he knows about murders and other crimes in Memphis or in Mexico.

For instance, Petties claimed he was in bed asleep on April, 21, 2002 when one of his hit men fired 10 shots at Petties’ cousin, Antonio Allen, outside a South Memphis home. Investigators say they’re sure Petties gave the orders to kill Allen, erroneously thinking Allen had become a government witness.

Petties and the hit man served as pallbearers at the victim’s funeral.

Another problem for Petties, because he remained a federal fugitive for years, is that much of what he has said came too late — after his minions disclosed many of the same details about the drug ring to reduce their own sentences.

Through the years, more than 40 Petties’ associates have pleaded guilty and received prison stints, causing members who were friends since childhood to turn against one another.

Many secrets of their underworld still remain hidden in sealed court documents, further protected when Mays closed portions of hearings to reporters and the public. Yet a glimpse has been gradually revealed during the past decade in police reports, hearings and unsealed court records.

Organization members have testified how they followed Petties’ orders to kill an associate who became a key government witness. And police listened in on jail phone calls between drug-ring members who were discussing plans to kill the lead investigators, Abe Collins, a special agent with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, and Memphis police detective Therman Richardson.

A jury convicted two of Petties’ enforcers, the only ones who demanded a trial, last year, and both were sentenced this summer to life sentences in federal prisons. A sign of the volatile nature of the drug ring: jurors’ names were shielded even from the judge, and armed deputy U.S. Marshals escorted them from an undisclosed location before and after court each day of the six-week trial.

Spectators, including the mother of a victim who was kidnapped, tortured for days and murdered, watched the trial eight floors below the courtroom in a room protected by an additional security checkpoint and rigged with video conference equipment that never showed jurors’ faces.

Prosecutors had to wait to prosecute one lingering associate, Christopher Hamlett, a childhood friend of Petties who became part of the drug leader’s inner circle. Hamlett, 36, who spent five years in a Mexican prison, was sentenced in Memphis earlier this month. As part of his plea deal, which landed him a 15-year sentence, he connected several murders in Mexico to Petties, Asst. U.S. Atty. David Pritchard said. Those are murders Petties didn’t tell prosecutors about.

A third factor that could have hurt Petties’ chances at a reduced sentence: He has caused problems behind bars.

He was initially held at a federal jail in Memphis, but was caught with a 6-inch shank hidden in the mattress in his jail cell. Even while standing before the judge in December 2010, he tried to minimize the crime — saying it was a piece of “plastic off my tray,” before agreeing with prosecutors’ assertions that it was made of metal and sharpened into a crude knife. Petties was moved to a jail in Atlanta, but prosecutors filed a request, in a document that still remains sealed, to move him. According to a copy of the judge’s September 2012 order, Mays agreed there was “good cause” Petties should be sent to a federal jail in New York, where he was placed in solitary confinement.

Petties, caught by Memphis police with an estimated $300,000 worth of marijuana in 2001, fled the country in 2002. He lived a life of luxury in Acapulco and central Mexico under the protection of his drug suppliers, the violent and powerful Beltran Leyva cartel, and had a personal trainer, chef, maid, nanny, driver and armed security detail. When police in the country pulled him over for any reason, after Petties made a quick call to the cartel, the officers ended up apologizing to him.

Despite landing on the U.S. Marshals Service 15 Most Wanted list, Petties could avoid capture by keeping on the move and bribing corrupt Mexican officials. But in January 2008 he feared his phone calls were being intercepted so he threw the phone away, preventing any officials from tipping him off.

The military blocked off streets, sent snipers crawling on rooftops of area homes, positioned a helicopter to hover above and stormed Petties’ homes in the upscale suburb of Queretaro, 136 miles northwest of Mexico City. Petties, speaking Spanish, tried to bribe his way free, but was arrested. Four of his children, twin 4-year-old boys and girls ages 10 and 16, were taken to a facility. The children’s mother, Latosha Booker, 35, who was taking their 10-month-old girl to the nanny at the time, eventually returned to the U.S. with her children.

Petties was quickly deported to Houston before being brought to Memphis.

He immediately began to cooperate with federal prosecutors, who initially had considered pursuing the death penalty against him. In exchange for his cooperation, Petties wanted help safeguarding Booker and his children from a vengeful cartel.

Petties pleaded guilty to 19 charges, including ordering four murders, during a secret hearing in 2009. Much of the court case remains sealed.

His sentencing will end the 12-year-old case of a drug-trafficking organization believed to be one of the largest and most deadly in Tennessee history.



Latrivia Nelson Hosts Dialogue with Deidre Today

latrivia_close_up_323175941_stdJoin me today as I guest host, Dialogue with Deidre and talk about my newest book, The World in Reverse.  Also, I will have RiverHouse Publishing Author Dr. John E. Bell to talk about his books and his new movie and RiverHouse Author Lanette Escobar to talk about her book, Journey Behind Prison Walls.  It will all happen today on MUTV-1 from 1:00 – 2:00 (CDT).


Also check out a previous show where I was a guest on Dialogue with Deidre  with Commissioner Mike Ritz.

Interview with CBS Affiliate, WREG-TV (LIVE @ 9) with Marybeth Conley and Alex Coleman


WREG-TV Live@9 with Marybeth Conley and Alex Coleman

At 8:00 this morning, I wondered if I was going to be late.  I had to drop the kids off, traffic was heavy and all things Monday were happening.  But sure enough at 8:40 a.m., I pulled up on time to Channel 3 Drive, checked my lipstick and hair and ran into the building.

Once called back, I was greeted by the warm handshakes and hugs and sat down with Marybeth Conley and Alex Coleman, two of the city’s best reporters to talk about my book, The World in Reverse.


They start off by saying this…

Author Latriva Nelson has topped several of Amazon’s Best Seller lists with her new novel “World in Reverse”.

She spins a nail-biting tale set right here in Memphis. As her hero, a Memphis cop, has to go against everything he stands for to solve a grisly murder case.

Wow. Okay, I’m officially flattered.

I can’t help but smile.  I love Memphis, love the idea that Memphians love the book and I’m ready to talk.

You can see the rest by simply clicking the link and checking it out.

I can’t thank WREG-TV enough for their hospitality and highlighting my newest work.  15 books down and 150 to go.

Xoxo and all that jazz.


Latrivia S. Nelson


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